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Sounds and images in the construction of the Peruvian Guaraní in southern Brazil



ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:5b8adea5df1d4a93b9469a41f7625e97>


The sound world of mbyque Guaraní is a key dimension of its existence, as is children, who through their presence and mborai (singing and daughter) occupy a central place in the porãoguatá (sacred safe caminar, towards perfection). This article describes ethnographic data on body processes and treatments and theories of visual and performatic practices present in the form of serving-living mbyà, based on entomusicological research between mbyà groups in southern Brazil. On the basis of these descriptions, we propose the interpretation of a ‘cosmo-sonic’ domain of the ontology and epistemology of this Amerindian people, i.e. that the construction of the mbyà person and the construction of knowledge are closely linked to sound processes, as well as imagetic, kinetic and material performances that strengthen the listening and resonance of the gender.

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