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The simultaneous production of hegemônic and submuting masculinity


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Summary Meu point of departure is the argument of Andre Gunder Frank, who, in his classical studies on Latin America, pointed out that development and underdevelopment were not internships that all countries went through, but that there was a link between development and underdevelopment, where the development of some countries involved deliberate and specific underdevelopment of others. In this sense, the creation of the metropolitan area at the same time involved the creation of the periphery. Just as in the case of economic development, this process also occurs with gênery, as regards the historical construction of the meanings of masculinity. As the hegemônic ideal of masculinity is established, it is created as opposed to a bundle of ‘others’, the masculinity of which has been problematic and devalued. Hegemônic and submutation emerge in mutual and uneven interaction, in a social and economic order with a biased prior demarcation of gênery (gendered). In this work, I locate the historic emergence of the hegemone masculinity version in the United States and Western Europe from the 18th century to the present. I describe the ways in which self-made-man has overtaken and discredited other versions of masculinity — that of black, immigrant, homosexual, old men, high-class men, working men — as well as the woman, as she became the dominant form of success with a bias of gênere in the public arena. I describe the hegemônic version of masculinity — the globalised capitalist who, in each country, assists CNN in luxury hotels, speaks by cell phone, uses powerful ties and makes meals with power — as a direct descendant of the 18th century trader.

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