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“EU REBOLO TO THE FLOOR!”: precarious lives and bodies of gênery dissident in school cotidian


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This article, based on an analysis of the context of the precarious nature of human lives, their subjectivity and a tendency between anti-gênery offensives and the dissent of cysheteronormactivity problematises like school cotidian faces this crash from bodies in diverging movements. Hate speech seems to gain wide space in recent years and has placed us in a camp of great tensions, rallies and disputes that attack diverse collective groups of women, indigenous people, quilomcakes and the LGBTI community. Such a scenario, although it seems to be drifting to a pessimistic and defectist distophyst picture, mobilises us in the search for other strategies to tackle hate speech aimed at disqualifying certain groups of subjects. Disputes create different narratives, especially when we think about educational public policies aimed at tackling discrimination, prejudices and violence. This text presents research findings that take the educational practices to combat gênery and lgbtphobia violence in the Cotidiano of Rio de Janeiro schools, focusing on the complexity of gênery violence and reflecting on powerful prospects of reducing them. The analyses undertaken are mainly based on dialogue with the gênery and sexuality field from a post-critical perspective. The continued training of teachers has proved powerful to have a positive impact on the fight against various forms of violence and to build an antisemitic, anti-racist, anti-glyphphobic and more democratic society in defence of rights for all (e).

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