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Remembrance art in the process of glorification of memory. Symbolic and narrative construction in Predio Quinta Seré, Morón, Buenos Aires


The proposal for this article is part of the analysis and reflection of a socio-spatial process that we call the lugarisation of memory as a concept for thinking the reference frameworks adopted in the narrative and symbolic construction of a memorial site. In this work, we will analyse the artistic intervention Las Huellas de fire in order to be able to elaborate on how remembrance art, politics and memory are articulated in the socio-spatial practices deployed in this place of memory. Feelings build a memorial narrative that is placed on the estate and functions as a significant visual device. We therefore use as a methodology both the analysis of secondary sources such as photographs and materials produced by the Human Rights Directorate, as well as the information obtained in conducting exploratory interviews, in depth and in the observation involved.

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