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Influences of dimensions of justice on post-complaining behaviour: An Practice on Accommodation Enterprises

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ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:6cd8563ede91459dac643f4c091b9aa4>·DOI: <10.26677/TR1010.2020.318>


Çalışmanın's aim is to measure services compensation on consumer behaviour after complaint one is to determine the effects of their perception of justice. Accordingly, dimensions of perception of justice in the study the perceptions of procedural, interactive and distribution justice known as; post-confessional behaviour the tendency to re-purchase and the negative ear-to-mouth impacts on communication have been tried. A semi-experimental design was created in the study. Different levels of perception of justice twelve scenarios were produced, a total of 270 data, with 20-23 participants for each scenario. it has been used. According to the results of the study, perception of high levels of interactive and procedural justice experienced visitors tend to buy more recurrence and less negative ear-to-mouth they may show a tendency to communicate. Contrary to expected complaints in accommodation establishments perceptions of distributive justice of visitors in behaviour (e.g. reduction or refund) it does not affect purchasing and negative ear-to-mouth communication trends.

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