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Escape-room gamification project applied to a bilingual primary education classroom with the AICLE approach


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This work has won an Accésit from the 2019 Financial Studies Award for Education and New Technologies. In bilingual classrooms carrying out integrated learning of content and foreign languages (AICLE), there is a need for gamified environments, as students will have to be highly motivated to learn vehiculted content in a foreign language (English). An exhaust based gamification project for an AICLE classroom will therefore be developed in the course of this work. Room escape will make a positive contribution to the AICLE, as it will provide a constructivistic and entertainment methodology and will allow the “4C” framework to be effectively addressed. The reason for this is that this gamification technique and the AICLE are compatible, as they have many similarities. The most appropriate term to refer to escape room in education is ‘breakout box’, which is based on the resolution of different engmas within a time limit to obtain the codes that will be opened by the various flanges of an exhaust box. Therefore, the project designed for 4° primary education and on an annual basis will consist of the implementation of a breakout box at the end of each of the themes of Nature Sciences, which will serve to strengthen knowledge, promote skills and assess in a motivating atmosphere. To ensure understanding of the planning of an escape room in the AICLE classroom, a breakout box for the school year will be developed.

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