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Dialogo Ergo Sum: from a Reflexive Ontology to a Relational Ontology



ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:77c5b523245a4bb8b4927fb6c141be61>·DOI: <10.7358/rela-2016-002-marc>


Knowledge is a dialogue with the world, in countless ways: art, technology, cataloguing, exploration are ultimately forms of dialogue. We learn through dreams, hallucinations, alterations of consciousness, rational focusing, motivational conjugation or emotional marking, immersion in our Umwelt or denial thereof by means of technopoiesis. Each dialogue brings us a true picture, not an appearance enslaved to a sensory illusion or to becoming: the resulting image is as true as that which is hidden to show itself to a different dialogical scan. This papers aims to show how culture is a relational outcome. In this sense, it is necessary to embrace a posthumanistic approach. The humanistic assumption that founds the human “juxta propria principia” – according to its own principles – must be revised. It is undeniable that this awareness will inspire new poetics and new experiences without claiming to create them from scratch. Just as the infinite was before us even prior to the Copernican revolution, so hybridization has always been part of the human experience and is not the outcome of infiltrative technologies.

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