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From much cheaper to severe implosion. Class, climate and the Great Border


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This article links two major historical and global events: the rise of capitalism after 1492 and its current epocal crisis at the end of Holoceno. The author argues that the endless accumulation of capital has, from the outset, been made possible by the endless conquest of the Earth: the Grand Border. Capitalist ecologic-world is a unique class society that combines monetary accumulation with exceptionally rapid ownership of human and global work. The Great Frontier is the Barata Nature area, with the valorisation of capital and the ethic-political devaluation of human beings and the rest of nature being combined dialectically, so racism, sexism and promising show that they are key ideological pillars of capital accumulation. Crucially, the Great Frontier has enabled imperialist burglary to advance labour productivity, reduce input costs and solve recurrent crises of overaccumulation of capitalism. Today, we are witnessing the geohistorical reversal of the Barata Nature strategy of capitalism. This is the transition from the life network as a dynamic of reducing costs and increasing productivity to a dynamic of cost maximisation and productivity reduction. The dominant class and Marxist economists have understood their first signs as the “Great Stalemate”. But this is only the beginning; we could call it a “signalling crisis”. The Great Stalemate indicates the early moments of the Great implosion. Just as climate change is understood as a non-linear process that confuses biospherical models, severe implosion is a non-linear dynamic through which contradictions of capitalism in the network of life confuse linear models of historical change. In the face of this picture, capitalism is much more vulnerable than we believe, and above all to the uprising that the proletarised Planetario is cooking at slow fire.

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