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Towards active and healthy ageing: an experience of cine-debate in retirees





Introduction: Given the potential of cinema to train towards active and healthy ageing, in addition to the extensive philosophical recommendations that exist where the players are precisely older adults in the process of retirement and old age, the objectives of analysing the experience of cine-debate on healthy ageing and active ageing and its determinants in retired people attacked and to determine the contributions of each film during the visualisation process. Method: Study with a qualitative focus and exploratory cross-study descriptive pre-experimental design, through a socio-educational intervention of cine-debate, over a period of seven months prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. 19 participants participated. Audio engraved focal group technique was used for data collection. The data obtained were analysed on the basis of fenomenology. The cine-debate sessions were held in the day house for pensioners. The intervention programme was made up of 25 films. Results: As part of healthy ageing, participants looked at the promotion and maintenance of their functional capacity and their interaction with themselves, with their partner, with their children, with society and with their environments. On active ageing, they managed to see their opportunities for health, participation and safety. They expressed their wisdom of life, to confront their retirement and to live love. They discussed their family and community ties, as well as empowerment, independence, autonomy, dignity and self-development. They identified the physical, social, economic, personal (psychological and biological) and lifestyle determinants that influence active ageing. Particular contributions from all films were also found for each part of the educational process. Conclusion: All the films of the cine-debate cycle were indispensable to achieve the shared experience of healthy ageing and active ageing and its determinants. It is proposed that new research be carried out on films whose protagonists are equally important for older adults in this study, but for films to be newly produced.

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