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Eco-feminism, life-care strategies and practices: fragments of a biographic narrative while fowl vammers would die





I propose to share a dialogue of knowledge about the strategies and practices of care with life – human and non-human – from an initial analysis of the experience with a participating action research that is under construction. In this research you will co-construct biographical narratives of/with people who represent themselves and identify themselves as women who form a constitutive and constituent part of my doctoral work. These narratives are intertwined with the practices of agroecology, or in a balanced ecological agriculture. To this end, the birth of an ecofeminist hermenology in dialogue with the conceptual foundations of South Epistemologies. My search is feminist, epistemological and methodological. I therefore develop a cross between the narratives of the women co-participants in the current research and a pluriepistemological reading that favours eco-females, political ecology, post-colonialism and decoloniality. Knowledge is always located, in a specific context, trained and (trans) forming different subjectivity occupying a common space. In this way, I talk about this article with Annalisa Bellu, in the village of Campo Benfaz, region of Beira Alta in Portugal, in order to identify the practice of transformative care for and with life carried out by her in her cotidy. Aim to highlight some concrete fractures to the abissal dividing lines of the modern world’s realities embedded in ecofeminist practices and thoughts.

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