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Overview of: IOGNA PRAT, Dominique The Social Invention of the Church in the Middle Ages, Miño y Dávila, Buenos Aires, 2016, 239 pp. ISBN 9788416467204


Spanish, Portuguese

ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:8f89c79241ec435ab2b9d98a525321fc>·DOI: <10.35305/prohistoria.vi.1223>


The social invention of the Church in the Middle Ages Dominique Iogna-Prat works on the role of the church as a theological concept and as an institution, which will be redefined over the centuries within power bids. The author proposes that the Church will progressively build itself as an insoluble unit of the whole society, thus creating a metrical confusion between society and eclessia. The ecclesiastical sector will be set up as an identity “us”, in order to monopolise control over all social relations. To demonstrate this, the author will take the institutional changes exemplified extensively during his work, where it will be seen how clerical power becomes more and more corporate, bureaucratic and of monumental material. This action has a clear ideological objective: impose the idea that a creator must compete with a specific sacred space in order to be part of the surrounding community.

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