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Death as a social/sexual hygienisation in Nelson Rodrigues’s work: a reading of gênery, sexuality and masculinity




This article seeks to revisit the ‘delicate’ conto-crone, the dramaturgo and journalist Nelson Falkão Rodrigues (1994), present in the Collection of Life like him..., the fruit of his work for the newspaper Última Hora, in order to discuss how the narrative highlights a compulsory heteronormative society which violates the existence of a protagonist outside the norm, to the extent that he will cause death himself and does not bear external pressure to fulfil his ‘role as a man’. Throughout the writing, we highlight how Eusebiozinho, the main character, by breaking with sexual binarism and social norm, is obliged to return to a supposedly original/aprioristic place, that of hegemônic masculinity, through the coercive heterosexuality imposed by the family and represented by the figure of the uncle. Reference should be made to the studies and texts of Adrienne Rich (2003), Judith Butler (2005), Monique Witting (1992), Teresa de Lauretis (1994), Robert Connell (1995) and Michael Foucault (2001), among others.

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