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Abbas Mahmoud al-Aqdad Adibak Khalq and a politician:


Arabic, English



Abbas Mahmoud Al-Aqdad's overall character, fame and his genius in literature, on the one hand, and the lack of knowledge of his political character by the literary and university communities, and the interaction of literature and politics, have prompted me to search for his literature and policy. There are their one-dimensional characters. Literary scholars enjoy the literary cliché, but are known from theoretical literature issues as a matter of great importance, and are not concerned with politics and their issues. The node was a combination of mind, emotion, and thoughts and implications of poetry, literature, criticism, history, politics, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religion and finally knew the principles of ecology, orthology, geoscience, economics, and physics. We studied this research, the definitions of literature and politics, their subject, their message, the literature of the Decade, and his politics, and how to reconcile and harmonize them theoretically and practically. The node's approach to political theories and their practice in violent political fields and battles, and the motivation to engage in these fields, are the main issues that we analyze and explain by multiplying this article.

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