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Convulsionate: simulation of neuronal epilepsy due to gene mutation of the potassium canal





The development of the interactive programme of CONVULSIONAR computation is presented, simulating the normal and pathological function of K + Type-M channels in hypofield neurons. The programme consists of three simulators: (1) Signalizar-M makes it possible to reproduce the function of the carcass under normal conditions, due to the interaction of acetylcholine with the methotropic receptor, responsible for the modulation of neurone excitability, capable of producing various patterns of potential action. 2.GenConvulsion-M, which generates convulsive bursts of action potentials, caused by carcinopathy M, aetiology of the benign family neonatal convulsion (CNFB). 3.Registrar-M, which reproduces the electrophysiological experiments with the voltage fixing technique, simulating slow but not inactive current. You have a lectionary that introduces the user to the topic. The software was developed in Visual Basic ® version 6.0 to be run in Windows ® environment, from XP to Windows 10. Hodgking and Huxley’s mathematical model was used (1952), equations were solved by computational and simultaneously numerical methods. The use of the program facilitates the understanding of the mechanism for regulating the excitability of neurone by the canal-M, the functionality of the methotropic channel and the pathogenesis of the CNFB, triggered by the mutation of the KCNQ gene. Biophysical and mathematical models are invaluable for understanding the morphophysiopatogenic mechanisms of cancer.

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