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Sexual choice or orientation? (des) constructs in the (des) contextualisation of homosexuality/sexual option or orientation? (DIS) disputes in the (dis) Contextualisation of homosexuality


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:a32645e1a20646cb846aadaae0a52853>·DOI: <10.14393/ER-v23n2a2016-1>


Discussions about sexuality are, however, constant when it comes to homosexuality, and scholars are divided into the conception of sexuality exercise as an option, therefore emancipatory or orientation, permeated by biologising nature. In attempting to address such conditions, we aim to identify specific ways of experiencing sexual relations and questioning hegemonical characters. We have cut the bibliographic data from a search carried out to obtain the Master’s degree in Education. We conclude that such a discussion will not be meaningful until heterosexuality is destabilised as an ideal of normative practice. KEYWORDS: Sexual orientation. The Sexual Option. Homosexuality. LGBTQIA.

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