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Protecting Mental Health in the Epoch of Virtualization

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Humanity creates virtual realities with their own space-time which are frightening and demand their own rules. The purpose is describing an instrument for the cyber sphere normative regulation to protect mental health. Three key concepts are developed: psyche as the independent physical force that creatively regulates information-energy exchange in its movement between levels of virtualization driven by meanings; informational technology as a source of the special danger; custom as a source for technology immunity forming. Collective intelligence should be used for creating a global crowd platform to self-regulate the fast- developing and unpredictable virtual space. Concept description is the first step to form sensitive collective perception. The next steps are project plan and team development, a pilot project realization. The platform’s advantages are the combination of Wiki projects enthusiasm with laconism of Moses’ Ten Commandments; creating fast-reacted sources of law for private relations named custom in international and local jurisdictions; activation the power of self-enforcing agreement as everybody is co-creator, involved in discussion and decision-making in epic scale. The programming means are wiki software, blockchain, artificial neural networks. Society receives an efficient supranational instrument for fast-reacted self- regulation. This integrated approach is necessary for a new stage of Anthropocene when we all create the unitary social network of quite different nature.

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