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Quantitative analysis of the use of the term feminicide in the headlines of reports on the murders and disappearances of women in Ciudad Juárez, published by CIMAC (Communication and Information of Women A.C.)





This document aims to summarise a complex phenomenon related to the use of the term femicide in the media, specifically in the gender news agency CIMAC (Communication and Information of Women AC). In 1993 it began in Ciudad Juárez, Mexico, one of the most striking murders of women in recent history. Gradually, the media began to pay attention to this situation and cover it for its international impact. Despite this, there was not much means to maintain full and comprehensive coverage of events related to this problem. CIMAC was the exception since 1999, when permanent coverage of all situations related to the murders and disappearances of women on the US border started. Right from the outset, the media began to use many different terms to refer to the murders of women, such as murder of women, disappearances of women, killings and disappearances of women (all together), violence against women or simply the simplest: the name of the town, Ciudad Juárez. However, there was a concept that achieved what seemed impossible: replace any other word and summarise all the terms related to the problem. This word was the concept of femicide and its achievement was not immediate. In fact, it took at least a decade to alternate or even replace any other word related to the problem. For all these reasons, this work presents a quantitative analysis explaining how the concept femicide replaces (in CIMAC news agency headlines) any other word related to the murders of women, and what words were the most used until the feminist concept appears.

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