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"The Symbolic Meaning for Divinity concept and Landscape Representation in “Victory Stele of Naram-Sin”"


The current paper presents an artistic analysis based on the visual features for one of the most significant stone memorial Stele of “Naram-Sin” . The Victory Stele was created to commemorate Naram-Sin’s victory over Satuni king of ‘Lullubi’, a nomadic tribe. The paper discusses the importance of the Stele as an important historical record in terms of artistic features where the artist deliberately depicts landscape as well as the embodiment of the victorious Akkadian king. It is known that the representation of the concept of divinity differed from civilization to another, but the paper highlights the way in which Akkadian artist expresses the concept of the power of divinity and its relation to the power of kingship in the memorial Stele of King Naram-Sin. The current paper investigates the distinctive and fundamental role of the artistic elements of the divinity power collaborating with the royal one, in the victory over the enemies. This is reflected in many artistic manifestations that illustrate the concept of divinity in an important reference from the artist to its importance of this belief in political and military life, which was also associated with the appearance and the body of the king and his performance. All the artistic manifestations reflect the role of the goddess’ blessing for the victorious king "Naram Sin". The paper also analyzes the methodology of the Acadian artist in illustrating the nature. It is clear how the artist portrays the details of the nature and its vocabulary, which replaced any built environments or architectural details that may distinguish the battle location. These landscape details were useful in analyzing the nature of the geographical features of the city. The present paper stresses the importance of analysis of the memorial Stele, as the era of the time was the most important beginnings to portray the landscape in the Akkadian art.

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