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Learning styles and academic performance. Case study of the School of Mechanical Flows at San Marcos General National University





The academic performance of students has been associated with many factors surrounding the conditions in which students achieve learning. The objective of this research is to demonstrate the most appropriate use of different learning styles in order to improve academic performance and results in the differential assessment of the I cycle students of the School of Mechanical Flows of the San Marcos General National University. The type of investigation is substantive, with a descriptive level and correlational design. First, students’ different learning styles were identified according to the Honey-Alonso questionnaire. The instrument presents a list of 80 items on learning styles structured into four groups or sections of 20 items corresponding to the four learning styles: active, reflective, theoretical and pragmatic. The sample obtained was from the total population, i.e. 114 pupils from the first cycle of the National General University of San Marcos at the School of Mechanical Flows. Among the main outcomes, it was found that the most prevalent learning styles are reflective, followed by pragmatic. It is also found that theoretical and reflective styles are most closely related to their notes.

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