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Three contributions of Emil Goeldi (1859-1917) to amazonian archaeology and ethnology

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ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:b52545c977c34030b7b5b26c78ff0369>


The paper presents three contributions of the Swiss zoologist Emil August Goeldi (1859-1917) to Amazonian archaeology and ethnology published between 1900 and 1906, in German, when Goeldi was the director of Paraense Museum, in Belém, Brazil. The first paper is a scientific divulgation article about the Cunani pottery, discovered in 1895 in the north of the Amapá state, Brazil. The second paper deals with archaeological artifacts found in the mouth of Amazon River, an important area for this kind of research, including the pottery found in Maracá, in the Amapá state, and in the Marajó Island, in Pará State, plus the lithic statues from the Lower Amazon. The third paper describes the use of lithic axes by the Baikiri Indians. These contributions show Goeldi’s interest in the study of material culture and data compilation for the improvement of the knowledge about the Amazonian ethnolinguistics stems, proposing an ingenious union of intellectual resources provided by ethnology, archaeology and linguistics at that time.

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