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The production of specific genders in conditioned contexts


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Aggressiveness (Psychology)
Aggressive behavior
Aggression (Psychology)


One of the most remarkable effects of feminism is that it has forced us to examine the social behaviour of men towards women. This is because before the feminist movement or not questioned or explained and justified as a mere inertia of centuries-old customs, it is now listened to, sanctioned, challenged, accused. Even the pyropus — a millenary but unilateral form of expressing admiration for female attributes — has come under attack as an instrument of male aggression to dominate women. At the heightened moments of male confrontation ~ feminism, there has been no shortage of women who have squeezed men in a sign of false admiration; and even hubomuWomen who, in order to dramatise the humiliation to which they have been subjected, arrived at the pellic in areas that make them ruthless by the ‘males’.

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