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Poverty Anthropology. The Roma and the case of the Seville settlement of ‘Los Bermejales’


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The Roma village or race is one of the clearest examples of the anthropology of poverty in large complex cities or societies. In these large population centres, the Roma come massively in the hope of living at the expense of the ‘concrete’ of the large urban middle class. In the city, the Roma live in underwork or, rather, occupations, such as the sale of flowers, field fruits, collection and sale of cartons and paper, sale of objects in strategic sites (such as the well-known cases of paper handkerchiefs in traffic lights, which is also the task of payers), or simply persist for the work and grace of charity. (It is now possible to see a sort of legalisation of charity with the so-called social wage, with which, as in the Middle Ages, and thus bridging distances, the poor is ‘built up’).

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