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Systemic sexual femicide: constant historical impunity in Ciudad Juárez, victims and perpetrators





The purpose of this article is to understand the continued existence of systemic sexual femicide in Ciudad Juárez (Mexico) from 1993 to 2018, during which period there have been practically no legal consequences for the victims of 154 victims. Start of the trial highlighting the potential of the word feminicide to disrupt, within patriarchal logic, women’s status as a mattable subject. To this end, I set up a theoretical assembly between the social interpretation of suffering, the creation of negative spaces for civilisation and the resistance of relatives of victims to the continued historical impunity of femicide. This article uses a quantitative and qualitative methodology: we start from the femicide database, which contains the register of victims and victims. This data reveals the barbaric transmission of cruelty by victims on women. The second is the oppressed methodology that shows the resilience strategies that victims’ family members maintain to access justice. I note that material and political structures act against women’s lives, even if they have been protected by transnational justice. I suggest that confining the analysis of femicide to the victimary relationship limits the understanding of other systemic structures that support femicide.

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