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Assessment of health campaigns: an integrative review on the construction of indicators


English, Spanish, Portuguese

ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:bcaed8dc272b4edc88e941a749bbc305>·DOI: <10.12804/revistas.urosario.edu.co/disertaciones/a.9432>


The aim of this study is to map indicators for the evaluation of health-focused communication campaigns through a comprehensive literature review, based on the search for scientific articles in CAPES, SciELO and the yardsticks of the Commonwealth. The search considered the period from 2009 to 2019 and used the following descriptors: ‘communication’ + ‘indicators’; ‘health campaign’ + ‘sti’; ‘communication’ + ‘aids’; ‘health promotion’ + ‘mass media’ + ‘campaign’. Ten scientific articles were analysed after the application of the filters, resulting in the identification of the following indicators: (1) scope; (2) GRP; (3) perception of the campaign; (4) the effect of the marketing year; (5) comprehension; (6) impact; (7) effectiveness; and (8) acceptability. Among the indicators mapped, studies with reports and evaluations of different types of public communication campaigns focused on health promotion were identified, including: prevention campaigns against hiv/aids, combating smoking, environmental awareness and the proliferation of dengue.

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