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Sense of sacred, school ecstasy: a look from the educational psychologists in the city of Manizales


English, Spanish, French, Portuguese

ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:c0247ee08a3d41e0b7f7c367de15017a>


Objective. Identify the sense of beliefs and practices in the use of psychoactive substances among 13-18 year-olds in the basic and middle secondary education sector in the city of Manizales (Colombia). The aim is to analyse the readjustments of the sachet and the replacements of belief. Methodology. The methodology used is part of Schütz’s qualitative phenomenological approach (1968). Results. This work seeks to establish the likelihood of how the use of psychoactive substances in young schoolchildren in Manizales is associated with the sacred dimension and this, in turn, is linked to the construction of my identity. Conclusion. ‘New’ forms of sociability and the role that education should play in preventing and reducing harm from the transversal curriculum were identified.

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