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Iberian necropolis of El Cigarralejo: osteological study (compared with juices)


English, Spanish

ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:c99d87f238e741b6b149efa9b344a905>·DOI: <10.5944/etfii.6.1993.4217>


The osteological ‘history’ of 187 creams of the Iberian Necrópolis de El Cigarralejo is set out in detail: gender, age, epiphysis measures and wall thickness in the most frequent fragments, palaleontology, their questions and conclusions. Similarly, on the identification of double and infantiles.The osteologic “history” of 187 cremations from the “Necrópolis Ibérica de la Cigarralejo” is developed in detall: sex, age, epiphysis, measurements, progress of the most demanding pieces, and palaeopathology features, as well as as some and conclusions. At the same time, it will deal with Children’s and double grave Identification.

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