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La metodología científica y la investigación educativa The scientific methodology and the educational research



ID: <oai:doaj.org/article:dcca7a6985f34a4084a80583cdabcb05>


Carrying out scientific research in the field of Humanities means overcoming a number of difficulties arising from the actual situation. Research in the areas of Humanities, Educational Skills and Social Sciences is possible, as demonstrated by the knowledge gained, the discoveries made and the practical applications that are transferred from such research to their respective areas of reality. Research in these areas is necessary in order to know the educational, human and social reality in which we live and which affects us. This is particularly necessary as a means of reducing distances from natural sciences, in terms of instruments, techniques, procedures, etc. Such an imbalance is not beneficial for modern societies and for the search for a just society, allowing for a life feliz.Scientific research in the areas humanities, education and social sciences is shedding, and the researcher needs to overcome certain differences that are rooted in the specific reality of their areas. Research in the areas of humanities, education and social sciences is possible as can be observed through acquired knowledge, new discoveries and practical applications that can be transferred to a specific reality. Understanding about human, social and educational Realities as well as about everyday life is essential, and it can be met through research in the aforesaid areas. Exploring their areas of knowledge is specially used as a procedure to bridge the existing gap regarding the instruments, techniques and procedures that are used in natural sciences. SUCH a disparity is not positive in modern societies nor do it promote social justice. On the counter, it limits the sustainability of living life to the fullest.

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