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Handle: a glocalisation case? An analysis of its international marketing-mix strategy and policy





MANGO is a multinational company dedicated to the design, manufacture and marketing of clothing and clothing accessories, primarily intended for women. It is currently the second largest exporter in the Spanish textile sector and market leader in the female fashion segment. Since its inception, it has been growing steadily, allowing it to address new markets. Perhaps one factor in its rapid expansion has been the use, mainly, of a certain input mode: relief. Its communication policy has also been very effective. In order to reach his target, he was involved in its international marketing policy, enabling greater recognition of the signature. This, moreover, has had an impact on its product policy by reinforcing the image of the trade mark. Despite its high degree of internationalisation, MANGO works locally, for example by adapting up to 20 % of its collections in each market. It is also adapted to the new times and needs of its customers. It therefore launched its first collection for men on the market in 2008. As regards its international pricing policy, MANGO generally applies a policy of medium-high prices, which goes hand in hand with its medium to high quality product policy, making signature prices affordable for the general public, but at a higher level than its direct rival, Zara. The profitability strategy of the chain is based on turnover rather than margin income. To some extent, its international expansion and growth has been made possible by its international marketing strategy (in some of its policies), under the so-called conceptual framework of glocalisation: “Think globally, it works locally”. This article analyses and discusses its international market mix strategy and policy, from a theoretical and practical point of view.

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