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Gender and View: the invisibility of the knowledge produced by women in Mexico





This work establishes a link between gender and representation to examine the modern-colonial substrate of an epistemic look that tends to invisible the knowledge produced by women and to cancel their role as cogninoscent subjects. To talk about the case, under the category ‘coloniality of the watch’, the representation built by the exhibition ‘Feminicidio en México’ (2017) of the Museo de la Memoria y Tolerancia de la Ciudad de México [Museum of Memory and Tolerance of Mexico City] on a group of women activists from the urban periphery is analysed. This approach makes it easier to see how the curatorial use of a set of photographs triggered an epistemic injustice that excluded the voices of these women from the field of knowledge/power shaped by the exhibition. Thus, the article proposes that collective recognition of the value of women’s lives, in the Mexican context of feminicide violence, lies in the ways in which those lives are publicly reported and recognised, from the point of view of their action and word.

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