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Definisi dan Konsepsi Falsafah Islam





Abstract : This academic manuscript intensely and scrupulously examines convolutions within the definition of Islamic Philosophy. Entirely numerous genres of meanings on the Islamic falsafa lavishly subsist, and the writer has uncovered thirteen outlooks. Each of them holds its own reason, intention and locale background. Apart from definition, the article portrays polemics and paradoxes dealing with terms of falsafa renowned in the Indonesian common parlance. Finally, it considers at a glance the meaning of the Western philosophy just to discuss a juxtapose with Islamic falsafa. Keywords : Meanings, Concepts, Terms. Abstrak: : Naskah akademik ini membedah secara mendalam dan komperhensif kompleksitas terkelindan definisi falsafah Islam. Terdapat berbagai macam makna, dan penulis menemukan sebanyak tiga belas batasan. Masing-masing batasan memunyai alasan dan latarbelakang tersendiri. Selain definisi, sang artikel juga menyibak kontroversi dan paradoks melingkupi istilah-istilah dikenal dalam falsafah Islam di Indonesia. Konsekuensi penelitian ini pada akhirnya mengimbas guna menyoal definisi dimiliki falsafah Barat. Kata kunci : Makna, Konsep, Istilah.

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