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Text and Modernity. Life position "right to life"


Russian, Ukrainian



The importance and expediency of analysis of the text from the point of view of the life position of the "right to life", in particular "pro-life position" is substantiated. The main methods of research are observation and comparison. The importance of researching this issue in Ukraine is determined by the influence of the position of "right to life" on almost all branches of modern science: philosophy, culture, sociology, ethics, in particular bioethics, psychology, etc. The relevance of the research lies in: the need to define the concept of a person and its reflection in modern texts; the need to study a new literary phenomenon - "life-hard / life-denial literature" - in the system-genre-style plan; the need to identify new genre modifications, interaction of genres, literary genera, various national literatures and texts, the formation of genre systems in the literary discourse of the XXI century.

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