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Male violence and feminicide: introduction


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The contributions presented in this monograph of the scientific journal ‘M@gm @’ on violence and feminicide are due to women who for years have been confronted for political and professional reasons with a hard and difficult theme and who have worked for male violence to get out of the shadow cone to which it has been relegated from time immemorial, but also to dispel the motivations and minimisation that the latter has found in its existence by informing themselves about the cultural, social and psychological structures that have passed through the centuries to the present day. Far from being, as often, presented by the media and politics, especially in relation to femicide, an extreme act of violence against women, it is neither an emergency nor the result of the actions of a few violent and pathological men, or of trivial reasons, but a power structure from which everyone — men, states and institutions — benefit even when none of them would appear to be acting violent behaviour towards a woman.

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