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  • Albarracín García, Carlos
  • Alcantud García, José Ramón
  • Alejos Ricart, José Alberto
  • Alemany Moncho, Raúl
  • Almela Legorburu, Íñigo
  • Alonso Candau, Rafael
  • Arce Roca, Adrián
  • Ases Ureña, María
  • Barea Sandoval, Carlos
  • Bargues Ballester, César
  • Benlloch Piles, Vicente
  • Bolós Martí, Fernando
  • Boo Vicente, José Antonio
  • Boto López, Victoria
  • Cabedo Pérez, Guzmán
  • Campos Veliz, Jorge
  • Cánovas Martínez, Jesús
  • Carregal Bueno, Fernando
  • Cebrián Bernalte, Jonatan
  • Cedeño Vinces, Josstin Enrique


  • Architecture and Space Management
  • Art and Art History
  • Education
  • Archaeology and Prehistory
  • Environmental studies
  • History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences
  • Demography
  • Linguistics
  • Musicology and Performing Arts
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Publication Date

  • “El Garrofer” Child School

    Public Children’s School in Devesa del Saler (Valencia). Delegated archive

  • Public Library at the Ensanche de Valencia

    Public Library project located in the Ensanche of the city of Valencia (Spain). The aim of the project is to work in the consolidated city in order to promote reflection on the city and its spaces, as well as on a public building influenced by the surrounding area. In short, it is necessary to make...

  • Green Hangar: densification project city of the Fallero artist of Valencia

    [ES] Project to intervene in the district of Ciudad Fallera de Valencia. Due to the location and needs of the environment, a design adapted to the industrial area is used to cover the creation and development of faults in the authorised warehouses. Given the perceived disadvantage of the lack of spa...

  • Intermodal station at Bétera

    The intermodal station aims to respond to the large number of journeys by private car from the municipality of Bétera. The station is located in the urban fabric where different means of public transport come together, as well as a large parking bag for cars and motorcycles. The aim is to reduce ove...

  • Edifici d'oficines i usos complementaris en el Cabanyal

    Construcción de un complejo de oficinas y usos complementarios en el barrio de El Cabanyal en Valencia. Archivo delegado

  • Office complex in El Cabanyal

    Project of an office complex located in Valencia. The project focuses on providing a functional response to the urban environment in which it is located. It has been designed to meet the needs of the user, promoting accessibility, integration and relations with professionals. The proposed basic prog...

  • Density : Parque Alcosa

    Barea Sandoval, C. (2014). Density : Parque Alcosa. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/117791

  • MTEK — New Technology Cultural Market

    This project sees the cultural market as a key point on the city’s green axis, which also achieves the character and architectural value of the site where it is located. The aim is to create a zero urban park. A large green space, chaired by the gas meter, feeding on market life in the lower floor....

  • Popular University, Cabañal — Valencia

    Lifelong Learning Centre, also called adult university or popular university, subject to the condition of flexible use within this general teaching field. In summer, it will be used as a summer university with residency. It has theoretical and practical classrooms, as well as multi-purpose, audio-vi...

  • Hondarribia : biblioteca, centro multiusos

    Martínez Guillermo, J. (2013). Hondarribia : biblioteca, centro multiusos. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/58388.

  • Un lugar para la infancia

    Miras Ríos, JA. (2014). Un lugar para la infancia. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/120755

  • Coworking en MACOSA

    Molina Sánchez, S. (2014). Coworking en MACOSA. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/120756

  • Popular University in the Cabanyal

    The theme of the project is a popular university located in the Cabanyal, the historic district of Valencia. The project is carried out in an apple containing the former Pescadores Lonja, a representative building that will be taken into account in the organisation and composition of the project. It...

  • Office complex at the Cabanyal

    [ES] The intention of the project has been to make it accessible anywhere. Efforts have been made to ensure that pedestrian journeys can occur in all senses. There will be three possible accesses to the building; To the north, as a point of arrival from Avenida de los Naranjos, either because of roa...

  • Residential buildings and day centre

    The programme is a set of common spaces, independent of other equipment, intended to promote the relationship between the users of the building. The project distinguishes between public, semi-public and semi-private. The public sector covers the whole residential area and is formalised by the ground...

  • Office complex: in El Cabañal

    [ES] Project of office buildings in the Cabañal district of Valencia. The aim of the project is therefore to be functional in terms of the size of the spaces, organisation and use of the spaces to make it a complex where the different types of users, both those who will work (staff of the complex an...

  • Experimental theatre in Almagro

    The aim of the project is the construction of an experimental theatre at the Dramatic Art Centre in Almagro. In this project, a single, non-fragmentary building is chosen and can be cut continuously. The courtyard is sought to be the centre around which the building is organised; it is the space tha...

  • MACOSA collaborative workspace: for entrepreneurs

    [ES] Creation of a Centre for Entrepreneurs or incubator, on a collaborative basis, in the area where the Valencian company MACOSA — initially Talleres Devis- was located, necessarily incorporating into the project the former machinery ship of architect Antonio Gómez Davó, the only building that lie...

  • Children’s school in Cheste

    [ES] For the project of a nursery school in the Cheste Education Complex, it is decided to operate in the administrative area, and the first stop of the Education Complex after entry. This location, due to its layout, underlying land and infrastructure, gives us an ideal place to project our childre...

  • Re-discover caldery: social centre for the district and the system of collective housing in the heating plant

    The calenry is adapted to be a versatile space that can be compartmentalised with mobile partitions, enabling different uses and accommodating various activities at the same time. Its northern façade becomes completely transparent to see and be seen, and the street becomes an external stay, regainin...

  • City Filter, Taiwán

    Puche Forte, I. (2013). City Filter, Taiwán. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/67151.

  • Popular University at the Cabanyal

    Project on an adult training centre and summer university in the Cabanyal district in Valencia. Ortega Serra, N. (2013). Popular University at the Cabanyal http://hdl.handle.net/10251/66263. Delegated archive

  • Universidad popular en El Cabañal

    Universidad popular en el barrio de el Cabanyal en Valencia. Universidad popular en el barrio del Cabañal en Valencia. Pérez Guinot, MI. (2013). Universidad popular en El Cabañal. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/66281. Archivo delegado

  • Rogelio Salmona: the tour as a basis

    [ES] The tour is a key topic in the preparation of the Rogelio Salmona projects. Not as a succession of intentionally arranged spaces, but in the establishment of a series of alternatives that create possibilities for relations and interaction between citizens, with citizens conceiving the very func...

  • El molí dels Pasiego

    [ES] En cuanto al programa propuesto se ha intentado dar respuesta a las posibles necesidades que pueda tener Sueca y ligarlo de alguna manera al entorno y a sus actividades socio−culturales y económicas. El resultado son tres edificios junto a los edificios conservados del molino. Uno en el que se...

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