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  • Allemagne, Palestine : la diplomatie impossible ? L'influence israélienne sur la politique étrangère allemande au Proche-Orient

    Si le contexte actuel a bien sûr évolué, l'Allemagne n'ayant désormais plus à faire ses preuves en matière de démocratie, et le pays comptant parmi les membres de l'Union européenne les plus influents, le pays n'en reste pas moins marqué par son passé. Pour nombre d'observateurs, la relation particu...

  • Criminal liability of the multinational company

    The multinational company is raising awareness and is at the heart of many debates : political, sociological, ecological, economic and legal. It constitutes a challenge for the lawyer and especially the penalist insofar as it is above all an economic fact, at first sight elusive for criminal law. Th...

  • The acknowledgement of the components of the offender’s personality by criminal law

    The study of the offender’s personality falls first within the field of behavioral sciences, such as psychology, psychiatry, criminology or even philosophy. However, through the social defense movement, the criminal law field got more and more interested in the study. In criminal law, the offender i...

  • De la guerre industrielle à l'industrie guerrière. Transmission des traumatismes et suicides au travail

    `titrebFrom industrial war to warlike industry. Transmission of traumatisms and suicides at work`/titrebAnalyses of suicides in the workplace, the most enigmatic characteristic of which is the intense guilt of those who commit this “crime against oneself”, do not give sufficient consideration to the...

  • Foul Play: Rape, Murder, and the Medieval Theater of Everyday Life

    Drawing on medieval forensic rhetoric on one hand and performance studies on the other, I argue that a complex murder mystery of 1474 rivals any modern-day tale of “true crime” that we might imagine. Here, the investigation and punishment of murder are aided and abetted – but also foiled and avenged...

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  • Du meurtre conjugal aux confins de l’incestuel

    This article focuses on conjugal murder, an extreme form of violence within the couple and the family. From a clinical case, the Authors discuss how conjugal murder is part of deadly dynamics within the family, in which aggression circulates in mirror. They show how family relationships are actualiz...

  • Retour critique sur le principe d'unicité de qualification des faits en droit pénal

    The Cour de Cassation's Criminal Chamber has recently stated in several cases that « facts which proceed inseparably from a single action characterized by a single guilty intention cannot give rise, against the same accused, to two convictions of criminal nature, even if they are concomitant ». Such...

  • The use of the image of the child in the communication of the UNICEF

    The image of the child takes a central place in the communication of the UNICEF. The use of this image has been a subject of a number of questions that we addressed during this interdisciplinary study. In order to do an in-depth evaluation of the different aspects of the use of this image, we have c...

  • Woebot : psychothérapie, suite et fin ?

    Objectives. There is now on a service of online psychotherapy, Woebot, practised by an software. It results from twenty years of researches of a psychologists’ team in Stanford University and experts in artificial intelligence and interactive technology. It is based on the deployment of the positive...

  • Lies as a maneuver for the acquisition of organizational legitimacy : ethical considerations and process of realization

    This research aims to focus the attention on the concept of "legitimation lie" in order to break the silence surrounding it and to shed light on an organizational phenomenon that is not as rare as what we could believe. Specifically, it provides an explanation of how some entrepreneurs succeed in ac...

  • Plurality of victims in criminal law

    Multiple victims is a rather common situation. However, it is often ignored by criminal law, which has generally been constructed according to a simple scheme in which the victim is unique. As a result, the plurality of victims constitutes an element of complexity that raises the question of whether...

  • Survivre à l’inceste dans les maisons du Bon-Pasteur de Québec, 1930-1973

    From 1930 to 1973, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd of Québec welcomed in their boarding schools 170 girls who had suffered from incest. The aim of this internment was to protect and re-educate them. These nuns, graduated in social work, with the help of psychologists and psychiatrists, elaborated t...

  • Comparison of the distress of the caregivers of an older person with Alzheimer in the process of accompanying

    This study pursues two main objectives. The first objective is to compare distress level and health status among female caregivers in three different periods of the caregiving course with a relative who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease or a similar neurocognitive disorder. The second objective is to...

  • Extremism and monomania

    The paper defines an extremist as an individual whose ideal point in the issue space is extreme in some dimension, and a "monomaniac" (no derogatory connotation) as an individual for whom one issue is given more weight, has greater "salience", than the others. This difference in salience is reflecte...

  • Lock-in of a building

    Born spuriously from the union between the son of a well-to-do family and a chambermaid, Violette Leduc finds the means of exerting another kind of authority through autobiographical writing. It’s the incredible authority of a bastard whose poetic strategy takes the form of repentance – the French w...

  • Families with Seriously Ill Children : The Psychologist’s Perspective

    When children become seriously ill, the profound and painful effects are not limited to the sick children; they also extend to the families. These families find themselves thrust into acute emotional crises triggered by the threat of losing a child and by the child’s, and the rest of the family’s qu...

  • Internet forums, places of exchange and information on pregnancies under Subutex

    Pregnant women look for information on internet forums and share their experiences, even though the subject can be sensitive when it involves opiate maintenance treatments for instance. Their free use of this source of information enables researchers to know the experiences about the Subutex (high-d...

  • Plurality of voices and spotlight: a reading of Nathalie Sarraute’s Enfance

    From its Latin sources, the word infans means “someone who doesn’t speak.” A child, then, expresses him or herself rather by ambiguous voices than by articulated sentences as an adult. Thus there is a silence and a resistance rooted in the childhood that Nathalie Sarraute proceeds to describe by wor...

  • Criminal prophylaxy and penal policy in France (1919-1944) : the impossible development of a social defense policy

    The theory of social defense developed in the late nineteenth century from the work of Italian and French schools of criminal anthropology. The search for the etiology of deviant behavior, and particularly criminal behavior, should lead to the replacement of certain basic concepts of criminal law su...

  • Domestic violence

    `PbFléau social mondial, les violences conjugales touchent tous les membres de la cellule familiale, à commencer par les femmes. En France, elles seraient 10 % à en subir.`/Pb `PbLa culpabilité et la honte empêchent souvent les victimes de parler. Comment rompre la loi du silence ? Le mieux reste en...

  • Sense of guilt in sexually abused children

    Prior studies have suggested self-blame and sense of guilt as important elements associated with the effects of childhood sexual abuse on adult survivors (Cantón-Cortés, Cantón, Justicia & Cortés, 2011). However, few studies have explored the potential impact of the sense of guilt on outcomes in chi...

  • Case law Chronic

    The authors put forward an analysis of the case of Beaudry ruled by the Supreme Court of Canada. In that case, the Court specified the conditions under which a guilt verdict of obstruction of the course of justice may be rendered against a police officer and ruled on the criterion of an unreasonable...

  • In between...

    In this paper, the question of the in-between situation is addressed through a clinical consideration of a patient with HIV, called Victor, who helps us think about the issue of sexual and generational indifferentiation. In conjunction with the construction of identity, the question of the in-betwee...

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