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  • Aesthetics and Politics: The Afterlives of Oscar Wilde’s The Soul of Man Under Socialism (1891)

    Oscar Wilde is regarded as the emblematic figure of Aestheticism and Art for Art’s sake and thus of the autonomisation of the arts in late nineteenth-century Britain. That is why The Soul of Man under Socialism, his most overtly political essay, published in The Fornightly Review in February 1891, h...

  • Call for communications on booklets

    Issue: the Cahiers d’Henri de Régnier Institut de France — Room Hugot — 19-21 November 2020Colloque organised as part of the programme ENCHREEdition Digital des Cahiers d’Henri de Régnierpar de Régnierpar LITT — ARTS (Grenoble Alpes University) in partnership with ITEM (Team Valéry), the Institut de...

  • Frankfurt art history in Nazism: Not what she was?

    25 universities offered art history in the Third Reich, one of which was the Goethe University in Frankfurt am Main. Unlike other artistic institutes, the influence of NS cultural policy is hardly studied here. Documents from the Uni archive provide insights. Georg-Swarzenski, a full honorary profes...

  • Criticism 2.0?

    If the afflatus of computers has marked the activities of archivists, as we are reminded in this issue about the founding of the Archives de la critique d’art (ACA) in 1989, the development of computer technology, and data-processing, has also transformed the practice of art criticism and the activi...

  • Françoise Sullivan: Artist Present

    Françoise Sullivan’s name is perhaps still little known outside Canada, but the rich and multi-facetted work of this artist, who is nothing less than a monument—still very much alive and kicking—in the history of Canadian art, deserves special attention well beyond the borders of the country she was...

  • Women’s place in new-yorkan galleries of contemporary art

  • Art and war: the Syrian case

    In Syria, the local art scene was quite remarkable a few months before the February 2011 uprisings. Together with the early stages of Arab modernity in the second half of the nineteenth century and supported during the baathist period by strong investments by the political authorities, Damascus had...

  • Late Gothic Sculpture in Savoie : Workshops, Artists and Clientele in Chambéry and its vicinity : between 1480 and 1530

    Despite the paucity of documentary evidence arguing in favour of the existence of much sculpting activity in and near Chambéry, the criteria needed to establish the presence of an artistic hub in the town and its vicinity at the turn of the XV and XVI centuries can be shown. The existence of a large...

  • Converging Lines: Needlework in English Literature and Visual Arts

    International audience

  • English News on the Cologne Archive Collapse

    Summary VI at Salon Jewish Studies (http://board-js.blogspot.com/2009/03/summary-cologne-archives-collapse-vi_13.html) (UPDATE: Unfortunately, the picture above marks the wrong church of which the steel tipped to one side in 2004. Please follow this link [google maps] to see the correct location of...

  • Fascism and literary criticism. Men, ideas, institutions

    Walter Benjamin wrote in The work of art at the time of its technical reproducibility that fascism had esthetised politics and that communism had responded with the politicisation of art. The accuracy of this consideration can explain the current historical and literary interest in the complex links...

  • Defending obscene art or how to look for cosquillas in power from a scenario

    “A dust, well given, will never be forgotten”. The sentence is not myself, I read Camilo José Cela in a journalistic article in which, using this ironic example, our ineptionable literary Nobel suggested that one of the most dire Chilean contributions to the culture of our time has been the pairing...

  • An exceptional donation to the department of Estampes

    In June 2010, a major stamp for knowledge of the sixteenth French century and bellifontain art was added to the BnF’s valuable collections. This burn engraving the theme of Charité takes on a composition of the Primatice, an artist of Bolonese origin, which King François Ier entrusted from 1532 with...

  • Document segmentation using Relative Location Features

    [EN] We present a generic layout analysis method devised to work in documents with both Manhattan and non-Mahnattan layouts. We propose to use Relative Location features combined with texture features to encode the relationships between the different class entities. Using these features we build a C...

  • Online conferences

    The University of All Knowledge website (Odile Jacob Editions) offers several downloadable conferences (Real Audio); the ‘Art and Culture’ section includes communications (50 minutes) from Antoine Compagnon, Marc Augé, Roger Chartier and Gérard Genette. There are also several other interesting headi...

  • CfP: "Philanthropy, Development, and the Arts", International Conference, 23-25 July, 2018

    From 23-25 July, 2018, our ERC funded project Developing Theatre will be hosting its first international conference with a special focus on Philanthropy, Development and the Arts: Histories and Theories. At the conference, we seek to interrogate the impact of philanthropy on the field of arts – visu...

  • The Eco pendulum

    No 595, 16-29 February 1992 Umberto Ecoles Limites de l’Interpretationtrad. of Italian by Myriem Bouzaher, Grasset ed., 403 p. Umberto Eco is a universally known romancier, but it is also, and is sometimes less known, a very large semmiotician, with abundant production. — usually translated into Fre...

  • An art and museum school as an intervention proposal for the Traditional Historical Numbery of Benimaclet

    [ES] The present final work aims to gather the greatest amount of knowledge acquired in the Technical Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Valencia by generating a study and feasibility project for a change of activity of a real building located in the district of Benimaclet, Valencia. It w...

  • How vision collaborates with thought to bring information into the mind

    International audience “To gaze is to think” notes Salvador Dalí. The artist’s observation is illustrative of the tradition of representing perception as analogical with thinking. Analysing perception, Arnheim, for example, claims that there is no difference between a percept and a concept inasmuch...

  • Ten years of cultural history

    COHEN Evelyne, PASCALE Goetschel, MARTIN Laurent, ORY Pascal Ten years of cultural history: State of the art Villeurbanne: ENSSIB presses, 2011, 314 p. Collection Paper ISBN 978-2-910227-94-4 C 1099 Summary: In 1999, the Association for the Development of Cultural History (ADHC) was born of the grow...

  • Personnalisation-2

    The façade of the most famous Nantes brewery, La Cellale, has been under construction since last December. In order not to suggest that she was closed for the duration of the construction site, her boss decided to have the scaffolding concealed by a sheet on which the photographic portraits of all s...

  • Juan Mayorga

    Il s’agit ici de dessiner la trajectoire de Juan Mayorga, depuis les années 1990 où il commença à publier ses premiers textes, jusqu’à l’année 2016-2017, où il met en scène sa propre pièce El Cartógrafo. Mayorga occupe une place particulière dans le panorama théâtral espagnol contemporain : avant de...

  • Inauguration officielle de la plateforme TACT

    3 June 2019, Grenoble Inauguration Conference “Producing SSH Data”, “Data Science for the Future” workshop at the Global Challenges Science Week Démarre SHS! worked with ELAN, Litteratures and Arts Numériques (Litt Arts) to develop a collaborative platform for transcription and textual corpus annota...

  • Pommersches Landesmuseum purchases letters from Caspar David Friedrich

    Caspar David Friedrich to Adolf, Heinrich and Christian Friedrich, 2-3 October 1825; Pommersches Landesmuseum, Greifswald The Pommersche Landesmuseum in Greifswald purchased 55 letters from and to Caspar David Friedrich (1774-1840). The cultural foundation of the Länder supported the purchase. He kn...

  • Prosopographic databases: a state of art

    National audience Projects for the development of prosopographic databases are growing significantly thanks to the advent of digital humanities. The main objective of this article is threefold: (1) present a detailed state of the art relating to the prosopographic bases but also to underlying basic...

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