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  • Ueckmann, Natascha
  • Artan, Tülay
  • Mekki, Ali
  • Rendu Loisel, Anne-Caroline
  • Screpanti, Ernesto
  • Uluç, Lâle
  • Anadol, Çağatay
  • Arel, Ayda
  • Bacqué-Grammont, Jean-Louis
  • Balta, Evangelia
  • Bianquis, Anne-Marie
  • Carré, Olivier
  • Chatelard, Géraldine
  • Chatelus, Michel
  • Clayer, Nathalie
  • Copeaux, Étienne
  • David, Jean-Claude
  • Eldem, Edhem
  • Ertuğ, Füsun
  • Faroqhi, Suraiya


  • History
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Social Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Economies and Finances
  • Gender Studies
  • History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences
  • Cultural Heritage and Museology
  • Musicology and Performing Arts
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  • Religions
  • Sociology

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  • Conclusion

    proposing a historical sociology of emigration-Kabyl immigration in Upper Provence, it is first of all that emigration and immigration are products of history. The research initiated into Chemini’s Kabyl emigration in Saint-Auban has constantly questioned developments and changes over time, in order...

  • The duality of social scenes

    The highlighting of the two social scenes brought together by a large community of more than 3100 people calls for a reconsideration of certain aspects of the sociology of emigration-immigration, which are all too often focused on the French social scene, where some miserabilism prevails. On the soc...

  • Briser la mosaïque

    Minorité et communauté sont des concepts dominant l’analyse des chrétiens du monde arabe qui mènent à concevoir les sociétés du Sud-Est de la Méditerranée comme des mosaïques. Selon ce lieu commun, vivraient côte à côte des groupes confessionnels et ethniques aux interactions limitées et aux identit...

  • VIII — Jehan of Ivray: a crossover of cultures at the turn of the century

    ‘They tell you about the stories to you too, women from the West — those who, just like ours, have the full appearance of truth’ Zeyneb Hanoum In this chapter, I will present an author who, following her marriage, spent most of his life in Egypt. Nowadays, it is almost forgotten and it is therefore...

  • Chapter 7. Powerful and exorcistic copper

    In the former mesopotamia, the harm to the individual (disaster, physical or psychological illness, fate, fortune setbacks, etc.) is understood as the result of a demonstrator attack. People have to cope with these entities on a daily basis and be able to fight their attacks. But when remedies and o...

  • An Allame-e cihan

    An architect, urbanist, Byzantium and Ottoman historian, geopolitical expert, versatile researcher and thinker Stefanos Yerasimos was born in Istanbul on 29 January 1942. After attending primary school at the Greek girls' High School, secondary school for the Greek Men's High School, he completed hi...

  • 1. Abstract Labour as a Natural Substance

    In the 1857 introduction to the Grundrisse, Marx argues that scientific investigation starts from the historical and empirical data the scientist assumes as “effective presuppositions”. These data are a complex representation of concrete reality and are what has to be explained. Scientists, by means...

  • 3. Labour subsumption and operation

    A scientific theory of capitalist exploitation aims to causally explain the production of surplus value. Marx develops this theory in volume 1 of Capital, especially parts 3–5, which are devoted to elucidating the effects of capitalist control of the labour process, and parts 6–7, devoted to explain...

  • XI — Beyond orientalism: the constants of “Sahara literature”

    “Amer to know, that you get out of the journey! The world, monotone and small, today, Hier, tomorrow, always gives us our image: an oasis of horror in a breath desert!” Charles Baudelaire will refer here to the desert as a framework of experience, as opposed not only to indoor spaces, but more gener...

  • Today’s Syria

    Despite the centuries-old relations between France and the Levant, and although during the Mandate period the destinations for France and Syria were linked, the recent history of Syria was for a long time overlooked by French research. However, the country occupies a more prominent position in the A...

  • II – Intertextualité et discours à deux voix

    « Chaque texte est déjà le résultat du travail sur toute une “bibliothèque” de textes, que cela se fasse consciemment ou inconsciemment »Gisela Ecker Esthétique de l’intertextualité Ma démarche implique bien entendu un renoncement à l’esthétique de l’authenticité ; à sa place, j’adopte une esthétiqu...

  • V — The rise of women’s eyes: harem scenes

    “It is often by the concentration even in the smallest intimate space that the dialectic of the dein and out of it takes its full strength.” Gaston Bachelard “By comparing the unrest of my new life with the calm of my usual existence, it was to doubt my identity.” Carla Serena Le harem is for tour o...

  • VII — Jane Dieulafoy: a knowledgeable traveller in Perse around 1880 or travestiation as a lifestyle

    "[...] a mask is not first what it represents but what it transforms, i.e. chooses not to represent. Like a myth, a mask denies as much as he claims; this is not just what he says or believes, but what he excludes. Claude Lévi-Strauss A ‘orientalist’ couple: Jane and Marcel Dieulafoy Jane Dieulafoy...

  • Chapter 8. From scrambling to murder

    If objects can produce bright and effective noise that can hunt bad demons or purify the space where a ritual will take place, the human voice has such a special status and lends itself to all kinds of modulations, allowing it to play on a very wide range of sound ranging from falling to crumbling....

  • Alay köşkü yakınlarında Bâbıâli’nin oluşumu ve Süleymaniye’de bir Sadrazam Sarayı

    Tarihçiler uzun süredir Bâb-ı Âli (Bâb-ı Âsafî, Sadrazam Kapısı veya Paşa Kapısı) olarak bilinen sadaret dâiresinin Nevşehirli Damad İbrahim Paşa’nın sadrazamlığı sırasında (Mayıs 1718 – Eylül 1730) şekillendiğini kabul etmekteler. İlk olarak İsmail Hakkı Uzunçarşılı, Osmanlı Devletinin Merkez ve Ba...

  • Sales of books to the Court Environments: 16. Writings in Shiraz in the end of the century

    This article will explore luxurious and picturesque manuscripts produced in Shiraz, particularly in the last quarter of the century, a provincial town under the control of the Safavid dynasty that ruled in Iran. In the modern-day academic language, the word "trade", the most commonly used term for 1...

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