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  • Kalliontzis, Yannis
  • Bruneton, Yannick
  • Capdepuy, Vincent
  • Chaussende, Damien
  • Lagarde, Louis
  • Michel, Anaïs
  • André, Sylvie
  • Bertho, Elara
  • Blum, Françoise
  • Bost, Hubert
  • Carbajal, Claudia Espejel
  • Chabrier, Aurélie
  • Clémentin‑Ojha, Catherine,
  • Constant, Frédéric
  • de Saint‑Denis, Alexandre,
  • Desan, Philippe
  • Dewière, Rémi
  • Drège, Jean-Pierre
  • Duarte, Ángel
  • Epstein, Ariela


  • History
  • Classical Studies
  • Religions
  • Cultural Heritage and Museology
  • History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences
  • Literature
  • Art and Art History
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  • Social Anthropology and Ethnology
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  • Chorsiai Inscr. 11-17

    La petite cité de Chorsiai qui se trouve à l’est de Thisbé a livré un nombre limité d’inscriptions. Des fouilles et des prospections de terrain ont été entreprises par J. M. Fossey et ont été publiées dans une série dédiée à l’archéologie de cette petite cité. H. Lolling a déjà publié quelques inscr...

  • Aigosthènes Inscr. 4-7

    Aigosthènes, petite cité située entre la Mégaride et la Béotie, possède un petit corpus d’inscriptions publié par W. Dittenberger dans les IG VII 207-234. Depuis, les trouvailles épigraphiques ont été plutôt rares, mais une découverte assez récente vient désormais enrichir ce petit corpus. Il s’agit...

  • Chéroné inscr. 47-52

    the Chéronea epidemic is quite rich. The largest category of entries is made up of postage acts registered on autals. So far Chéronée had not delivered many public documents. This situation has just changed with the publication of a series of proxenia decrees found during the searches of Agia Parask...

  • History of historical republicanism in the Canary Islands

    Analysis of historical research work on Canaries republicanism prior to the Second Republic provides information on various issues. These include the appearance of such studies and the temporal variation in the number of publications, the professional profile of researchers, the dissemination of the...

  • ‘Estaba amancebada conel Turco’. Venice against Aragonese in Italy and Andalusia

    1. In 1499, an anti-Muslim Vaticinium published in Venice was enriched the strand of oescatological pronostics. However, in the case there were numerous references to the strict contemporaneous nature. In anticipation of the June 1500 cross, it was imagined that France and Venice, allied, would gain...

  • Epilogue

    To reach the sea, you need to walk a long time, cross the dunes, climb them and devaler.Only we are in his soul at this moment. Thus we arrive at this sentle and we hear the sea flow, and it is known that once we cross this narrow passage, which is barely distinguished in the sun, we will discover t...

  • The sacrifice of the messe in France before the concile: neither Rome nor Geneva?

    in his thesis Ni Rome Ni Genève, Thierry Wanegffelen highlights the contradictions inherent in a Catholicism of the first modernity which left much more room for compromise with the Protestant reform that could have been believed. In a more recent book, he concluded that this period of theological f...

  • Sources of Global History

    Global History is generally considered as a synthesis work, without direct and original research on historical archives. If this is often the case, the overall history can also be a work on sources. As paradoxical as it may seem, global history can be achieved through partial studies, like any histo...

  • Mirror General to help govern (Le) (Zizhi tongjian)

    Compilated by Sima Guang, assisted by four other historians, Miroir General to help govern (Zizhi tongjian) is the most influential history of imperial China outside of official histories. In annalistic form, this book of 294 juan (‘rolls’) describes the history of sixteen dynasties for 1362 years,...

  • Yoruba supporters as a historical source (Les): Listening to the voices of Nigerian merchants

    The partisan Yoruba song, made up during the 1950s and 1960s by activists from the majority parties in the western Nigerian region, is a unique source for understanding the views of non-institutional actors of the socio-political dynamics of the time. Collected during the collection of oral stories...

  • Travel books (Les) (China)

    Travel books are not really literary. Written in large numbers since ancient times, they are divided into stories, newspapers, relations, memories and reports, as well as poetic collections into or out of a prose, depending on whether they relate to journeys for administrative, diplomatic, family or...

  • Manuscripts from the time of Chos-n

    The Kingdom of Chos-n (1392-1897) was a State governed by laws and codes, the central and local administration of which operated through the production and exchange of handwritten documents. There are more than one million documents that can be divided into four sets: (1) documents issued by royal o...

  • Marae polynesiens (Les)

    The Polynesian Marae are former ceremonial sites whose architecture attracted the attention of the West and then archaeologists at an early stage. Despite a common origin, these monuments show great variability between the archipelagos of the polynesian triangle, reflecting diverse historical trajec...

  • Chinese film fictions and documentaries

    Printing and documentaries, and the multiple subgenres that make up these two major branches of film activity, have been practised in China jointly or separately since the start of the cinema. The challenges of these two sexes and their development during the 20th century combine universal questions...

  • Zimbabwe’s chimurenga songs

    The Chimurenga songs are a source of sources for the history of the national liberation war in Zimbabwe (1964-1979). Kept in the National Archives of Zimbabwe, many variants are also commercially available. They are extremely diverse in their forms, but they all aim to promote the struggle for Zimba...

  • ‘Anthology of Eastern Country’

    Tongmuns-n (TMS) is an official anthology of literary parts of Korea’s medieval written culture (‘Eastern Country’, Tongguk; ) Commissioned by King SEU-level ngjong around 1475 and completed in 1478. It is the largest classical Korean anthology, with no equivalent in magnitude (4156 titles; 539 auth...

  • Tumuli of the Isle of Pins (New Caledonia) (Les)

    The Isle of Pins, 80 km south of Nouméa in New Caledonia, is famous for its mysterious tumuli, whose anthropogenic nature and construction dates have been the source of lively scientific debates since the end of the fifteenth century. Amateur excavations have so far only led to inconclusive insights...

  • 3 rd meeting (The): where are the sources?

    the island of Réunion is a confetti of the Indian Ocean. Its history is only a few centuries, but it remains unknown. The memories of slavery and engagement are important, calling for historicisation work that gives its voice to the various actors in these economic exploitation systems. However, the...

  • Haiti: Sources of the history of international relations

    Until the middle of the 20th century, Haiti’s history was written by intellectuals, who became ad hoc historians, with a view to exalting the country’s independence and building a national identity. In the early 1950s, a historical renaissance encouraged the emergence of professional historians who...

  • Relación de Michoacán (La)

    The Relación de Michoacán is one of the texts written by the friars in charge of evangelization in New Spain to account for the indigenous customs that they planned to eradicate. Prepared in Spanish with Purépecha terms around 1540, it contains data about religion, government, ceremonies and history...

  • Read the walls in Latin America

    The notice focuses on Latin American wall inscriptions as historical sources. It looks at various forms of writing and iconographies, both informally and clandestine. The first part provides a story of graffitis and painted walls through the presentation of a typology in time and space. Options for...

  • Abbreviations

    Amathonte VISabine Fourrier, Antoine Hermary, Amathonte VI. The sanctuary of Aphrodite of origins at the beginning of the imperial era, Athens, 2006.CISCorpus Inscriptionum Semiticarum I, Paris, 1881.GDPhilippe Bruneau, Jean ducat (ed.), Guide de Délos. Fourth edition recast and updated with Michèle...

  • Illustrates Montaigne: the slow construction of a literary gloire

    How does Montaigne assume a great man when he always claims to be ‘middle man’ and when he says he is ‘the most parish the medium measure’? The condoning of poor quality is indeed a constant feature of the tests. It is therefore necessary to identify the literary mechanisms which transform a text an...

  • Thespies Inscr. 9-10

    Thespies is one of the Beotian cities that delivered the most enrolment thanks, in particular, to the searches of the French School at the end of the xix’s. The Pothumen corpus of P. Roesch recently published by G. Argoud, A. Schachter and G. Vottero has approximately 1 400 entries. It is characteri...

  • The chronology of the federal archontes of Greek Beotia

    Introduction The importance of the betotian chronology. It is legitimate to question the usefulness of a new study on the chronology of Beotian federal archontes. The difficulty of the subject lies in the documentary basis of military catalogues. For the majority of them, they come from small cities...

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