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  • Davit MOSINYAN
  • Verónica Tozzi
  • Ariel C. Lopez
  • Borowski Mateusz
  • Capdepuy, Vincent
  • Carmen Lucía Cataño Balseiro
  • Čiković, Marin
  • David C. Krakauer
  • García de Cortázar, José Ángel,
  • Guzel Mrtazovna Ibatullina
  • Jorn Rusen
  • Kamil Kijek
  • Langlet, Irène
  • Leite, Pedro Pereira
  • Lumière, Émilie
  • Luna Sicat Cleto
  • Michał Kozłowski
  • Miguel Ángel Sanz Loroño
  • Morales Orozco, Fernando Adolfo
  • Roberto Navarrete


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  • Clio into question : metahistorical drama in Spain (1980-2010)

    In the context of postmodernism, history writing has become a crucial issue. Called “epistemological turn” by historians and “metahistorical fiction” by writers, such a tendency is the proof of a “metahistorical awareness” which arises nowadays in Western societies as a whole, inviting to consider h...

  • Theory of History XIII

    3.4 Recent topics in the philosophy of history English-speaking philosophy of history shifted significantly in the 1970s, beginning with the publication of Hayden White's Metahistory (1973) and Louis Mink's writings of the same period (1966; Mink et al. 1987). The so-called “linguistic turn” that ma...

  • Can There Be a Credible Philosophy of History?

    A lot of different historical issues were discussed during many centuries. As a result, the philosophy of history was established as an independent academic discipline. However, nowadays there are so many philosophies of history that we have to ask ourselves where this development leads us to, and w...

  • Hayden WHITE AND A literally informed HISTORIA philosophy

    In 2008 the 25th anniversary of the appearance of Metahistory: historical imagination in the 19th century, a turning point for the philosophy of history as long as it adheres to its linguistic change. 2008 is also the 80th anniversary of Hayden White itself, which has invited history philosophers an...

  • Dla kogo i o czym? Muzeum Polin, historiografia Żydów a Żydzi jako „sprawa polska" [For whom and about what? The Polin Museum, Jewish historiography and Jews as a “Polish cause”]

    For whom and about what? The Polin Museum, Jewish historiography and Jews as a “Polish cause” The article presents main threads of the ongoing debate around the permanent exhibition of the Polin Museum of the History of Polish Jews in Warsaw. Analyzing differences between two fields of research, Je...

  • Counterfactual Histories of Moon Landing

    The article is devoted to the analysis of chosen examples of counterfactual narratives which diverge from the typical alternative accounts of history written in the “what if” mode. It focuses on counterfactual representations of space flight and moon landing as crucial historical events of the 20th...

  • Conclusions: the First Chronics of Sahagoun between history and metahistory

    In his initial reflection on “being medievalist in the 21st century”, Jean-Philippe Genet, after drawing a somewhat threatening picture of the possibilities it offers and the demands of the world of the IT tools applied to the study of the Middle Ages, took on itself to remind the historians of the...

  • Darwinia, de Robert Charles Wilson

    Robert Charles Wilson’s Darwinia may be qualified as an ‘alternative metahistory’ as well as a ‘literature of genres’ (the plural is deliberate). These two traits come out of a careful reading of the processes used in the novel to produce an alternative history and therefore, indirectly, to inscribe...

  • Evolution, complexity and metahistoricism

    History seeks to combine particular descriptions within general frameworks in order to explain event sequences. In this respect, history is a transdisciplinary approach that encompasses a range of fields, from biology and geology, through to anthropology and human history. I seek to characterize thi...

  • La metahistoria liberal en Maximiliano, 10a. leyenda histórica de Ireneo Paz

    Maximilian is the tenth historical legend written and published by Ireneo Paz in 1899. For its author, it is “a little recreational work, aimed rather at making familiarly known some of the most notorious sides of that great farce”. Why does he call it a legend and not a novel? Is it possible that t...


    This article notes the proliferation of stereotypical images of the Chinese unleashed by the problematic assumption of their economic and social relations to the Filipino. How does the Filipino-Chinese writer perceive this challenge, and how is it transmuted in his/her literary work? Are the stereot...

  • Franz Rosenzweig and the crisis of german historicism

    This paper deals with the genesis of the Third Part of Franz Rosenzweig’s Star of Redemption and his Judesein characterization from his metapolitical and metahistorical existence and as opposed to the Messianic Politics of the Peoples of the World. The starting point of the research will be the Rose...

  • Hayden White and a Literarily Informed Philosophy of History

    The year 2008 is the 25th of the publication of Metahistory: The Historical Imagination in Nineteenth-Century Europe, a milestone for the philosophy of history, since it comprehends its linguistic turn. 2008 is also the 80th birthday of Hayden White, an occasion for philosophers of history and histo...

  • Hayden White and the “emergency” of liberal humanism: The content of the form of the Western Civiliation Courses

    This article proposes a rereading of the first book published by the philosopher and historian Hayden White, The Emergency of Liberal Humanism (1966). This aims to achieve three objectives. The first is to put the author’s statements into context in one of his most provocative articles, ‘The Burden...


    <p><span lang="EN-US">A Historiosophical problematic of the cycle of I.S. Turgenev “A Sportsman's Sketches " is one of the least studied aspects of the writer's work. The main purpose of this article is to research mithopoetic forms of the embodiment of Turgenev’s philosophy of the history in the li...

  • Deconstructing the Historical narrower at Roland Barthes and Hayden White

    In this thesis, we are trying to get into the thrust of the topic of the birth, evolution and decadence, or even the deconstruction of historical narrative as a “scientific” discipline. Our observations and analyses will be based mainly on the Michelet trial, Roland Barthes history and Mort and Meta...

  • On the prism of the words

    It is usually considered that the word ‘globalisation’ was invented in French in the early 1960s and that its use became frequent only from the 1980s, although it is also recognised that globalisation, as a geo-historical process of connecting the different parts of the world, is older. Nowadays, th...

  • Jörn Rüsen y la conciencia histórica

    “Historical consciousness” category, according to German historian and philosopher Jörn Rüsen, refers to a historical sense generation theory in which historical memory stands as the historical consciousness main component, both aiming for the creation of historical culture. This historical culture...

  • How to make sense of the past – salient issues of Metahistory

    This aerticle provides an overview of current issues in metahistoty. Basic categories of historical thinking, such as memory and historical culture, or historical consciousness, are outlined and contextualised in the field of historical studies. The leading question adresses the process of historica...

  • Herman Paul. (2011). Hayden White: The Historical Imagination. Cambridge: Polity Press [204 pp.]

    Ang akdang ito ni Herman Paul ay isang kritikal na pagsasakasaysayan(historicization) ng mga ideya ni Hayden White na maibibilang sapinakamahahalagang pilosopo ng kasaysayan ng kontemporaryong panahon.Si White ay tanyag bilang simbolo par excellence ng postmodernistang kasaysayan na reaksyon laban s...

  • Red nationalism? Contributions to the genealogy of Polish Stalinism? A Brief Overview of the Origins of Polish Stalinism]

    Red Nationalism? A Brief Overview of the Origins of Polish StalinismThis article speaking against the still-dominant idea that Polish Stalinism must be interpreted in ‘exteriority’ and ‘rupture’ due to the Soviet Union’s political grip over the country. The period of Stalinist rule constitutes a par...

  • Can There Be a Credible Philosophy of History?

    A lot of different historical issues were discussed during many centuries. As a result, the philosophy of history was established as an independent academic discipline. However, nowadays there are so many philosophies of history that we have to ask ourselves where this development leads us to, and w...

  • Au prisme des mots

    It is usually accepted that the French word “mondialisation” was coined in the early 1960s and that its use became common since the 1980s, although we also recognize that globalization, as a progressive integration of different parts of the world, began before. Today, the increasing digitization of...

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