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  • Andrés Martínez, David de
  • Antonino Daviu, Eva
  • Peña Cerdán, Antonio
  • Villavieja Llorente, Carlos
  • Ballester Server, José Vicente
  • Palomares Chust, Alberto
  • Domingo Calabuig, Débora
  • Editor Cuaderno Proyectos Arquitectonicos
  • Bosch Roig, Lluis
  • Camarena Sánchez, Eva
  • Campos-Uribe, Alejandro
  • Cuchet Oliver, Clara
  • Durán Fernández, José
  • Escriche Palanca, Eugenio
  • Ruiz, Juan Carlos
  • Torres Salort, Josep
  • Alapont-Ramón, José-Luis
  • Albarracín García, Carlos
  • Alcantud García, José Ramón
  • Alejos Ricart, José Alberto


  • Architecture and Space Management
  • Art and Art History
  • Education
  • Environmental studies
  • Archaeology and Prehistory
  • Demography
  • History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences
  • Social Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Methods and Statistics
  • History
  • Linguistics
  • Geography
  • Sociology
  • Cultural Heritage and Museology
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Publication Date

  • “El Garrofer” Child School

    Public Children’s School in Devesa del Saler (Valencia). Delegated archive

  • Public Library at the Ensanche de Valencia

    Public Library project located in the Ensanche of the city of Valencia (Spain). The aim of the project is to work in the consolidated city in order to promote reflection on the city and its spaces, as well as on a public building influenced by the surrounding area. In short, it is necessary to make...

  • Green Hangar: densification project city of the Fallero artist of Valencia

    [ES] Project to intervene in the district of Ciudad Fallera de Valencia. Due to the location and needs of the environment, a design adapted to the industrial area is used to cover the creation and development of faults in the authorised warehouses. Given the perceived disadvantage of the lack of spa...

  • Intermodal station at Bétera

    The intermodal station aims to respond to the large number of journeys by private car from the municipality of Bétera. The station is located in the urban fabric where different means of public transport come together, as well as a large parking bag for cars and motorcycles. The aim is to reduce ove...

  • Change of use in an architecture: permanence, obsolescence and reuse of the Civic Centre in Lima (Peru)

    This research work develops recycling strategies based on sustainable concepts for the Civic Centre in Lima (Peru). It is a set designed by architects defined by modern trends in Europe, in particular Le Corbusier, Louis I. K, and Paul Rudolph. It is a time of design under the concept of the brutali...

  • Edifici d'oficines i usos complementaris en el Cabanyal

    Construcción de un complejo de oficinas y usos complementarios en el barrio de El Cabanyal en Valencia. Archivo delegado

  • Le Corbusier. The construction of an idea

    The lesson aims first to explain what we understand by architectural system, define it and assume it as a possible way of doing in relation to projects, and architectural works, the nature of which is essentially based on a certain repetition of programme units. In the case of RP3, the programme cho...

  • Office complex in El Cabanyal

    Project of an office complex located in Valencia. The project focuses on providing a functional response to the urban environment in which it is located. It has been designed to meet the needs of the user, promoting accessibility, integration and relations with professionals. The proposed basic prog...

  • FERIA Y JUEGO : de espacio público a lugar común, Santiago de Chile

    Marco Zuriaga, A. (2020). FERIA Y JUEGO : de espacio público a lugar común, Santiago de Chile. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/150575

  • Reconversion of the Tánger bull place

    [ES] The privileged location of Tangier has made it for much of its history a key place at many historical times. Given its multicultural nature, we can find architecture in this city of different times and civilisations. The bullrage, which was involved in the project, was declared a cultural herit...

  • Un hábitat digital

    Hussey, SR. (2018). Un hábitat digital. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/141049

  • Density : Parque Alcosa

    Barea Sandoval, C. (2014). Density : Parque Alcosa. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/117791

  • The best positioned dwellings for older people

    [ES] Set of dwellings above the valley of the Salvador mountains in Alzira, on the land known as Hort de Ros. These dwellings shall be resolved in response to the particular needs of older people. Additional spaces are also envisaged, such as the urbanisation of the green ring, new routes, public/re...

  • New ruins

    [ES] There are many classes of ruins and their meanings are multiple. A declining building with booming vegetation does not usually leave the viewer invisible. Its incomplete state is highly indicative and reconstructed in imaginary as an object that marks the passage of time, as a tragic element, a...

  • Simbiosis urbana en El Cabanyal, Valencia

    [EN] In order to face the social situation in El Cabanyal, the project aims to take advantage of the current vacant lots in the area to contribute to expand the current public housing stock in the area and recover the traditional workshops as an space to exchange experiences between old and the youn...

  • Architecture and gender: from home to public space

    [ES] As a guide to the work of feminist architect Dolores Hayden, focusing on feminism and care, we put on the table part of the work carried out by Dominican architects and their contribution to gender mainstreaming in the reflection on Dominican social and popular housing and the challenges facing...

  • La Torre àrab d'Antella : estudi, anàlisi i proposta d'intervenció

    Origen, historia y naturaleza de la Torre árabe de Antella. Se plantea también una propuesta de intervención para su restauración. Archivo delegado

  • Small housing and urban form. Fundamentals of the modern German city

    [ES] Small housing and urban form. Foundations of the modern German city. Small housing and urban form are the concepts on which this research is based, which seeks to identify the characteristics of the German city on which the modern architecture of the Neues Bauen is developed. Small housing as a...

  • Dominique Perrault

    Lozano Portillo, A. (2009). Dominique Perrault. VPOR2. (5): 20-25. http://hdl.handle.net/10251/66311

  • MTEK — New Technology Cultural Market

    This project sees the cultural market as a key point on the city’s green axis, which also achieves the character and architectural value of the site where it is located. The aim is to create a zero urban park. A large green space, chaired by the gas meter, feeding on market life in the lower floor....

  • Popular University, Cabañal — Valencia

    Lifelong Learning Centre, also called adult university or popular university, subject to the condition of flexible use within this general teaching field. In summer, it will be used as a summer university with residency. It has theoretical and practical classrooms, as well as multi-purpose, audio-vi...

  • Analysis of geometry and implantation at the site of the work of Álvaro Siza.

    [ES] The purpose of this work is to carry out a theoretical study on the relationship between architecture and environment at the work of Álvaro Siza, i.e. an in-depth analysis of the dialogue between site and building. Álvaro Siza’s works are characterised by an impeccable harmony between what exis...

  • Manac Caroline: Go West! Architects in the country of counter-culture

    Torres Cueco, J. (2018). Manac Caroline: Go West! Architects in the country of counter-culture. Proyecto, Progreso, Arquitectura. (18): 118-119. doi:10.12795/ppa.2018.i18.08

  • Peter Shepheard: between architecture and landscape

    [ES] After World War II, the Modern Movement was debated between its continuity or crisis, leading many architects and critics to formulate theories and adopt transgressive disciplinary attitudes with the moment. One of these was that of the English architect, urbanist and landscape Peter Shepheard...

  • Un paseo sobre L Horta

    [EN] In the last decade of the twentieth century and the first of the twenty-first century two new circuits around the city of Valencia were implanted, these are known as Ronda Norte (CV-30) and Ronda Sur. Due to the interruption of the urban development in the city of Valencia between 2008 and 2018...

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