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  • Fijalkow, Ygal
  • Jellab, Aziz
  • Berry, Vincent
  • Boutet, Manuel
  • Coavoux, Samuel
  • Colón de Carvajal, Isabel
  • Conein, Bernard
  • Grossetti, Michel
  • Maroy, Christian
  • Auray, Nicolas
  • Berthelot, Jean-Michel
  • Boet, Sylvie
  • Bolzman, Claudio
  • Cattonar, Branka
  • Colemans, Julie
  • de Fornel, Michel,
  • Galand, Benoît
  • Gerber, David
  • Heath, Christian
  • Hindmarsh, Jon


  • History, Philosophy and Sociology of Sciences
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  • Social Anthropology and Ethnology
  • Management
  • Philosophy
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
  • Art and Art History
  • Education
  • Gender Studies
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  • Preventing bullying at school

    Harassment at school affects many pupils and is a source of suffering that can have harmful consequences until adulthood. It is therefore important to know how to avoid the tragedies that may be caused by harassment. This book seeks to understand the local conditions that encourage the development o...

  • From intervention to prevention?

    1. Description of the service The mobile team service is made up of speakers from outside the schools, whose mission is to intervene — at the request of the head of school — in the event of absenteeism or early school leaving, in the event of a crisis situation in the school, in order to allow for t...

  • Hanging on to the Edges

    What does it mean to be a scientist working today; specifically, a scientist whose subject matter is human life? Scientists often overstate their claim to certainty, sorting the world into categorical distinctions that obstruct rather than clarify its complexities. In this book Daniel Nettle urges t...

  • Des gentlemen anglais à l’origine de l’alpinisme

    Pendant des siècles, les montagnes sont considérées comme des endroits à éviter. La naissance de l’alpinisme comme discipline sportive est ainsi, en premier lieu, conditionnée par un changement de représentation des montagnes : comment passe-t-on de la vision d’une montagne fondamentalement inhospit...

  • Information in organisations: dynamic and complex

    The information system is becoming the hub for steering organisations facing a complex environment. The informational dimension of the various activities, the strategic nature of information, the involvement of stakeholders, the central question of organisations’ remembrance, the impact of digital t...

  • When alpinism became a vocation

    We opened this third strand with a description of the changes that affected alpinism after the war, focusing on the major upheaval of the generalisation (for the ‘big’) of himalayism. We have already considered certain consequences, both for the recruitment of the alpinists and for the management of...

  • The school, six years after the ‘missions’ decree

    The ‘missions’ decree (1997), with the significant process of transforming the system it initiates, is a key milestone in school policy in the French Community of Belgium. The aim of this book is to question the reality of compulsory education 6 years after the enactment of that decree. The first ch...

  • Skills seeking equity

    Introduction since September 2001, a new reform has led to a thorough rewriting of curricula in secondary education in the French Community of Belgium. All the curricula of all subjects of transition education (general and technical) are therefore structured around the statement of competences. The...

  • Introduction. Overall problem: for a sociology of translation

    The primary ambition of this study is translation: it is a question of trying to think of the translation of texts into terms that reflect the social issues of this cultural practice. However, in order to identify these issues, a number of conditions must be met, one of which is important above all:...

  • The Marseille Transport Authority scrutinises the modernisation of the public service

    Societal game, the public service has been at the heart of the French political debate and has undergone a historical transformation for two decades. Beyond theoretical analyses and injunctions on public service reforms in general, how does this modernisation take place in a particular company? What...

  • From the citizens’ initiative to the institutional partnership

    In France, the scope of social action is an area of public service characterised by the involvement of actors from both the public and private sectors. For example, associations governed by the Law of 1 July 1901 can also perform public service tasks by means of partnerships and agreements with the...

  • Trade unions at the “bottom of the scale”

    Unions, although weakened and partly transformed compared to the Keynesian era, remain an interesting entry to grasp the different dimensions of reconfigurations of employment in western societies exposed to an advanced stage of capitalism. It is in this context that the decision is made to deal wit...

  • Temporary staff at La Poste

    State Administration until 1990 (PTT), La Poste has traditionally used a temporary workforce (auxiliary, vacant, contract staff and from 1967: agency staff) to respond to the variable and seasonal nature of its activities. Now known as a ‘public undertaking’, La Poste continues to use quota workers...

  • Descendants of Immigrants, Subalternity and Work in French Cities

    In Europe, access to employment for youth appears less and less marked by linearity and stability, and is increasingly characterized by discontinuity, diversity, reversibility, and rupture. In a context of growing wage insecurity, intensified working conditions, and precarious status, young people f...

  • Academic Vulnerability: Why Are Youngsters from the Bottom of the Social Strata More Likely to Fail in School?

    Why Are Youngsters from the Lower Social Strata More Likely to Experience Academic Failure? In the study of education and social mobility, one important topic is: Why are teenagers from immigrant or low-income families more likely to experience failure in school? Generally speaking, the educational...

  • Cross and Across the City: About the Interview with Bahia

    The interview with Bahia reminds me of the work that I did on the “worlds of ethnicity” (Boubeker 2003), and more precisely on the “intermediate spaces” in the city. Conceptualized according to different research perspectives (Joseph 1991; Roulleau-Berger 1991, 2003; Boubeker and Paris 2004; Moley 2...

  • Chapter VI. Language and discipline

    The difficulties in setting up an institution such as primary school (with the accompanying standardisation instruments: normal schools, lectures and teaching manuals, inspection, etc.) shed light on both nature and, to speak, social integration. A reading of the 1880 General Inspection Reports is s...

  • Habiter Lyon

    Pris dans de multiples réseaux d'appartenances et de relations qui débordent largement le cadre restreint de leur quartier, les citadins mettent en pratique des manières d'habiter qui portent l'empreinte de leur propre histoire, mais s'ajustent aussi à celles de leurs voisins. Au carrefour du deveni...

  • Public space as a procedure

    Der Artikel versucht aufzuzeigen, inwiefern das Konzept Öffentlichkeit einen Lösungsversuch der modernen politischen Philosophie darstellt, um die Demokratie und die aktuelle Verfassung unserer Gesellschaften neu zu definieren. Um diese Lösung einschätzen zu können, muß man auf die Diskussion zurück...

  • Public space and French revolution

    In dem Artikel von Guilhaumou werden einige historiographische Arbeiten unter dem Gesichtspunkt ihres Beitrags zu einer Beschreibung der Herausbildung von Öffentlichkeit in Frankreich untersucht. Es wird aufgezeigt, inwiefern sie die historischen Analysen bestätigen oder infrage stellen, auf welche...

  • What is a political community?

    Jenseits der Oppositionen zwischen Gemeinschaft und Gesellschaft, Ganzheitsdenken und Individualismus sowie zwischen positiver und negativer Freiheit, fragt sich der Autor, wie man die Kritik des Gemeinschaftsgefühls am sozialen Atomismus in die Sozialtheorie integrieren könnte, ohne die Errungensch...

  • The logic of situations

    The problem of the situation that has long prevailed in social sciences was based on the idea of “defining the situation”: to act effectively, a rational subject must select and analyse the conditions for its action, interpret its environment and circumstances, and order its impulses and attitudes....

  • The ontology of social reality. Reply to Barry Smith

    In his reply to Barry Smith, John Searle noted three errors in the interpretation of his work by his colleague. The first concerns the formula ‘X counts for Y’, which is its main means of analysis: that formula is useful not because it forms part of the definition of social objects, but because it m...

  • Cognition and information in society

    as a societal issue, information deserves to be reconsidered in the light of recent research exploring the following issues. The variety of information ‘formats’ and their inclusion in computer equipment or, more generally, in a material environment. The relationship between information and action i...

  • From Revolution to Raison

    If the coup d’état of 9 Thermidor (27 July 1794) did not mark the end of the French Revolution, he nevertheless announced the premisses. With this coup d’état, Robespierre, the clearest embodiment of an ever more radical Revolution, left the political scene and the TError movement lost its strength....

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