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  • Laurel Leaves

    Laurel Leaves was a periodical published semi-annually from 1973-1975, no publication in 1976, and annually from 1977-1979 by the Appalachian Consortium. The 1979 issue is not included in this digital version. The newsletter typically focused on the arts, including music, literary, and art works; an...

  • Links zu Inkunabelkatalogen

    S.a. for special libraries Albany: Duncan Cambell coll. 1908; Baltimore: Henry Walters coll., Olschki 1906; Berlin: Voulliéme 1906; Biberach: Boese 1979; Bologna: Caronti 1889; Bonn: Voulliéme 1894; Bremen: Elsmann 2005; Cambridge: Trinity Hall 1909; Fitzwilliam Museum: McClean, Sayle 1916; Corpus C...

  • Plantiniana: humanist grafts in Special Collections

    Christopher Plantin (1520-1589) could be presented as the epitome of Renaissance humanist printers. Born in France, exiled in the Low Countries and settled in Antwerp, he lived at the crossroads of religions and national allegiances. He founded a dynasty of learned editors and publishers. An avid bo...

  • Selecting Fiction Books for a Children's Health Collection

    Books have long been recognized resources for health literacy and healing (Fosson & Husband, 1984). Individuals with health conditions or disabilities or who are dealing with illness, disability or death among friends or loved ones, can find solace and affirmation in fictional works that depict char...

  • Public domain in danger

    Public domain activist E. Eldred was hunted in the USA by a plot of land because he distributed free Thoreau plants and this could disrupt the shop there, reported from Boston. Anyone who distributes books free of charge in German poles (they do not have to be Hubbard’s works), would also need a spe...

  • Artists’ books and library ephemera

    Many libraries all over the world collect and manage artists’ books and make them available to the public. Why are (art) libraries so able to fulfil this role? Because of the specific nature of artists’ books, the collection, inventory and making available impose special requirements on librarians....

  • Programme now available for IFLA RBSCS Mid-term conference!

    The programme for the IFLA Rare Books & Special Collections section mid-term conference has now been published! You can view it below or download it here. Libraries in the sky large-scale collaboration strategies and infrastructures to enhance the use of digital heritage collections National Library...

  • Audiovisual departments and collections in public libraries : examples of the Zagreb City Libraries

    The work presents historical review of the first musical collections in the world and in the Croatia, which, as the foremost of libraries collections of audio visual materials, started to be founded in the 19th century. With the collection of music materials in the world and in Croatia, the work als...

  • Mid-term on #Archive30 on Twitter

    April is half over and the #Archive30 challenge is also on Twitter for the last round. Together with a number of other archives and libraries, Archivar:innen and Bibliothekar:innen worldwide, we are also following the Call of the Archives and Records Association, Scotland, to publish contributions o...

  • Life associative with the soil in a peronist village of worker and popular activism in Mar del Plata, 1943-1955

    In this article we tested a map of political activation on the ground. We track the different forms of labour and popular associations in the mid-20th century in the Plata Sea: trade unions, libraries, promotional societies. We also deal with the various forms of articulation between these associati...

  • What is the state of Collection Security in your library?

    The Consortium of European Research Libraries (CERL) is working to help its member libraries and other organisations that curate cultural heritage collections to answer precisely that question. As a membership organisation, CERL aims to facilitate, enhance, and improve the use and impact of printed...

  • Conference blog set up

    The Special Libraries Association (SLA) has soon launched a conference in Canada and a weblog to inform conference participants: It addresses tips such as waits to cross the border, if you need a passport, currency exchange rates, and even which hotels have high-speed and./or wireless internet acces...

  • Toward Practical Reinforcement Learning Algorithms: Classification Based Policy Iteration and Model-Based Learning

    Specialization: Statistical Machine Learning Degree: Doctor of Philosophy Abstract: In this dissertation, we advance the theoretical understanding of two families of Reinforcement Learning (RL) methods: Classification-based policy iteration (CBPI) and model-based reinforcement learning (MBRL) with f...

  • The United Nations Depository Libraries System asn an “open community”

    Transition to open access is changing how United Nations Depository Libraries are working to serve local communities (researchers and citizens) in accessing United Nations documents and publications. This transition, in course since 2015, is gradually changing the System of Depository Libraries into...

  • University Libraries and the Sendai Framework

    Funding cuts, climate change, conflict, natural hazards and other disruptive events are affecting cultural heritage around the world, including special collections held in libraries. The protection of heritage during disruptive events contributes to the international agenda for risk reduction via th...

  • Impact of the WTO's General Agreement on Trade in Services on public libraries

    In the last few years, the library community has been following the work of World’s Trade Organization (WTO) and its General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS) with the great interest and concern. The paper presents questions related to GATS that are of special interest to the librarians and that...

  • Development of the Information Literacy Competences and Skills for the Users of the Central Scientific Library at V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University

    A modern library become an information and communication center where visitors have a possibility to work and even rest. The information literacy is very important both in the scientific world and for all categories of users of the universities libraries (students, postgraduate students, scientists)...

  • Assistive Technologies in Libraries: International and National Experience

    The relevance of the problem. In the age of information, when knowledge becomes especially important, the issue of access to this knowledge is also important. In these processes, the introduction and use of assistive technologies in librariesis significant. The purpose of the articleis to analyze...

  • The Essential Work of Crip Resistance: Demanding Dignity in Spain's Pandemic Austerity

    This article considers crip resistance to the politics of austerity with which Spain's government has reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic, roughly a decade after the 15-M anti-austerity movement and its occupations. Given the intensification of austerity politics and their effects on people with disabi...

  • Audio resource in libraries of Ukraine: state and perspectives

    Problem Statement. Modern Internet technologies open up huge opportunities for libraries of Ukraine in thecomfortable providing of information to all population. The purpose of the article is to characterize the intensity offilling of the sites of state libraries with audio resources. Research metho...

  • Notes from the Field: Student Perspectives on Digital Pedagogy

    This special collection on digital Pedagogy features by students researchers within the Digital Pedagogy Network (DPN). DPN is an informal interactive training network formed to promote the transfer of Digital Humanities (DH) knowledge and skills and to build connections between Simon Fraser Univers...

  • Naturschutzgebiet Bibliothek

    Biodiversity in libraries is often only visible at second glance. Very special species have established their biological niche in, on and between books - partly wanted by humans, partly unwanted. This article provides an insight into the diversity of organisms in libraries and the role of informatio...

  • Suscripción de revistas en línea en la Argentina, 2007 On line journals subscription in Argentina, 2007

    El artículo presenta los resultados de una investigación orientada a describir aspectos del proceso de suscripción de revistas en línea en la Argentina. Entre abril y setiembre del año 2007 se aplicó una encuesta vía correo electrónico a bibliotecas especializadas y universitarias argentinas para in...

  • Local Government Unit’s Support to Educational Programs as Viewed by the Citizens: The Case of Lezo, Aklan

    A study was conducted to evaluate the performance in the delivery of support to education programs of the Local Government Unit (LGU) of Lezo, Aklan. The samples were determined adopting the Multi-Stage Random Probability Sampling technique. The targeted 150 respondents were proportionately allocate...

  • Application of RSS in Special Libraries

    Despite of ever increasing scope and volume of online information content and the constant need for easy accessibility to these contents, experts in various subject matters always face time constraints when searching for information or looking up their intended resource. Meanwhile, special libraries...

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