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  • Alfred de Musset, The confession of a child of the century

    La Confession d’un enfant du siècle è al tempo stesso una sorta di autobiografia romanzata, che intrattiene molteplici quanto ingannevoli legami con le esperienze di vita dell’autore, e il ritratto lucido e disincantato di un’epoca e di un’intera generazione nata sotto il primo impero, che non a cas...

  • Alessandro Fontana, Rapport d'HDR

    Il volume nella prima parte configura una vera e propria autobiografia intellettuale di Alessandro Fontana, sullo sfondo di una ricostruzione storico-genealogica di vicende e vicissitudini teoriche e politiche che potrebbero essere valide per un'intera generazione. Prosegue con una selezione di scri...

  • Cancer my Master (II)

    Nesta história, o autor, enfermeiro de profissão, descreve de forma precisa e intensas experiências que causaram um impacto enorme e significativo na sua vida: o diagnóstico de cáncer de pulmão. Também relata experiências até emocionais que foram desenvolvidas no decurso do seu processo repleto de t...

  • The newspaper shall: origin of a practice

    How to study the genesis of a text written at the moment and which would lose its authenticity value if it were altered? A text which is a trace of a practice and that its transformation into practice (in particular through publication) risks impoverishing and defeating? This study is intended to sh...

  • V The search for identity in the Dialogues

    And if this impossible transparency of speech was ultimately merely an expression of the difficulty of knowing one another? General information on men is easy to use, and knowledge of a man as singular as ‘J.J.’ is otherwise complex. Is it possible to know a man? “After studying man throughout my li...

  • At the extreme of self-writing

    Rousseau with Confessions has not finished exploring the depths of my own, especially as he is constantly experiencing new suffering or happiness. The Dialogues and dreams are the result of an approach by an author who experiments with various forms of writing: it is freed from chronology; he prefer...

  • Pirandello, autobiografia e teatro: um diálogo possível

    Fruto do meu estágio de doutorado na Università di Torino, financiado pela CAPES, o artigo investiga a última dramaturgia de Pirandello e constata que esta é o produto de um violento intercâmbio entre estímulos biográficos e resultado artístico. Ao escrever para Marta Abba, o dramaturgo não poderia...

  • Autobiographic narratives produced by future professors: depictions on school mathematics

    The research analysed in this text was produced in an institutional context of a pedagogy course in the subject of foundation and methodology of mathematics teaching, in which graduates, future professors teaching mathematics, produced different writings from each other, of which the autobiography p...

  • Exhibition: an art clinic

    In Exposure (Cases 1 and 2), I set up a clinic, which in art does not diagnose or cure, to reflect the comment on the other, such as spectrum, simulacre, patient and viewer. I invest in the desire to be another, or the other, and that link with autobiography, through mental games of desire and memor...

  • Stories that make existence

    Identities that have been violated since time, society and illness have opened up storytelling spaces to find their own identity to be, perhaps, in the way Nannetti, an aviation mining engineer. The possibility of exercising narrative orientation, in whatever form and in any way, then becomes more t...

  • Mitobiographic conversions: the world’s experience in the narrative of oneself and the other

    Self-biography as a process of evocation and stage of life (bíos) in the movement of writing (gráphein), which takes shape from ourselves (autos), is a desire for creation (poiein) of itself (autos), a process of creating mybiobiographic order. By proposing this definition to link the movement of wr...

  • Narrative research in psychology: on the basis of the training

    Quality methodologies for testing clinical work, narratives in particular [...] offer a powerful tool to mediate between scientific rigour and the possibility of sharing principles and criteria in the research community, and acceptance of a complex approach to clinical work that can only be achieved...

  • Hestia’s myth

    The myth of Estia is twice a myth: like every myth, he says with legendary stories what cannot be said in a reasoned speech, but by not talking directly about Estia, he does not say. He speaks without speaking.

  • Moments and figures in the writing of oneself

    It is not barely that writing, more than any other narrative, allows us to determine the ‘world of life’ to which we belong or which we have lived in the seasons of existence: still in the singular. To warn us, who are unique, in the amanuense motive of writing. It also invites us to undertake a spe...

  • The box of a psychoanalyst: autobiography of a trade

    The article is intended to be the narrative of the author’s path, from personal analysis to the decision to become an analyst and the construction of his original ‘practice’. In particular, the methods of learning the analyst’s ‘profession’ through attending a master, understood as a person who, pre...

  • Poetry and the art of mimesis

    The written sheet is not just more paper; the word given as a autumn leaf departs from its subject matter and is a symbol of another that needs imagination to give shape and expression to what the human soul gives in the meeting; because poetry meets impersonal and staff, and imagination feeds all o...

  • The narrative body

    Sapere what I try through my body in front of the other, not only allows me to understand what the other test is, above all to naturally generate real tuning, to highlight and name emotions and feelings that form the relationship with that particular child, adolescent or adult. The relationship with...

  • Listening to the heart when talking to us

    The writing of itself is an educational, curative approach, where what is at stake is the possibility of activating unexpressed parts, stops on the desire to become, a way of being in which it is possible to be creative in the present, to think of it and to convey it with narratives and people-to-pe...

  • Memories of the colonial situation: the autobiographic writings of the former Italian colonisers in Libya

    The settlers’ memories depict the reality of the colonial, demonstrating the progressive registration of their bodies within an area already marked by colonial power and which will help to mark in this sense a progressive awareness, through speeches, practices, objects and symbols, of their role as...


    Organizzato da CEM e dalla Libera Università dell’autobiografia di Anghiari, il seminario residenziale alla Penicina ha visto valorizzata l’esperienza della scrittura di sé – scrittura autobiografica come cura di sé e autobiografia linguistica -  anche grazie ad un contesto inserito in splendidi pae...

  • In the face of the other’s disease: the narrative as an act of reparation and testimony

    Memoyors written by relatives of a sick person talk about the difficult comparison with the mortality and suffering of others. This writing company, which has a therapeutic function in managing pain, has a twofold nature: on the one hand, it is biography, aimed at fixing and conveying the memory of...

  • The extermination of personal memory in Nazareth Pacheco

    The purpose of this article is to discuss the relationship between personal memory and artistic creation based on the production of Nazareth Pacheco. In this sense, this article addresses the issue of self-sufficiency in some of the artistic objects produced by the artist in the 1990s. We look at so...

  • A dialogue on the misunderstanding of memory

    The aim of this article is to discuss the relationship between memory and literature in the local text by inserting the concept of misunderstanding of memory. Assuming dialogue as a form of provocation, I try to answer some questions about the characteristics of what I call a misunderstanding of mem...

  • Autobiografia/psychoanaliza/kontynuacje. Wokół „autobiografikcji” Heleny Deutsch

    The article is an attempt to add meanings to the already existing analyses of selected autobiographical- fictitious texts by Helena Deutsch. The awareness of the textual character of both discourses: psychoanalysis and autobiography prompted the author of Confrontations with Myself to play some kind...

  • Esej i/lub autobiografia. Widzenie bliskie i dalekie Zofii Nałkowskiej

    The text indicates the relations between two genres of literature of personal document – an essay and autobiography, and two categories within and beyond genres – “essayism” and autobiographical. They can be captured in Widzenie bliskie i dalekie (The vision nearby and distant) written by Zofia Nałk...

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