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  • Modeling security for network access through asymmetric cryptography using iris recognition and agent technology

    The exponential growth in the use of the Internet as well as the emergence of new types of applications has increased the network’s constraints in terms f security. Fort the last several years, biometric techniques have proven their applicability and reliability in providing secure access to shared...

  • Secure implementation of cryptographic protocols based on error-correcting codes

    The first cryptographic protocol based on error-correcting codes was proposed in 1978 by Robert McEliece. Cryptography based on codes is called post-quantum because until now, no algorithm able to attack this kind of protocols in polynomial time, even using a quantum computer, has been proposed. Thi...

  • Algebraic Approach for Code Equivalence

    Code equivalence problem plays an important role in coding theory and code based cryptography.That is due to its significance in classification of codes and also construction and cryptanalysis of code based cryptosystems. It is also related to the long standing problem of graph isomorphism, a well-k...

  • The ICOs the new way of raising funds without constraint?

    URL of working documents: https://centredeconomiesorbonne.univ-paris1.fr/documents-de-travail-du-ces/ see also the article based on this working document published in ‘Revue Banque’, No 817, February 2018 Working documents of the Sorbonne Economic Centre 2018.02 — ISSN: 1955-611x the ICOs give the o...

  • Searching over encrypted data

    Cloud services offer reduced costs, elasticity and a promised unlimited managed storage space that attract many end-users. File sharing, collaborative platforms, email platforms, back-up servers and file storage are some of the services that set the cloud as an essential tool for everyday use. Curre...

  • Architectures and Protocols for Secure and Energy-Efficient Integration of Wireless Sensor Networks with the Internet of Things

    Our research explores the intersection of academic, industrial and standardization spheres to enable secure and energy-efficient Internet of Things. We study standards-based security solutions bottom-up and first observe that hardware accelerated cryptography is a necessity for Internet of Things de...

  • The quantum world

    'pbNovie daily has been upset for about 30 years by a technological revolution based on objects such as transistor or laser. This would hardly have been possible without the contribution of quantum physics. In a book that is intended to be open to any cultured and not necessarily scientific audience...

  • Towards trusted and secure communications in a vehicular environment

    Routing and key management are the biggest challenges in vehicular networks. Inappropriate routing behaviour may affect the effectiveness of communications and affect the delivery of safety-related applications. On the other hand, key management, especially due to the use of PKI certificate manageme...

  • Improving telecommunication security level by integrating quantum key distribution in communication protocols

    summary Conventional cryptography is based on mathematical concepts whose security depends on the complexity of calculating the inverse function. This type of encryption is at the expense of computers’ computing power and the discovery of an algorithm that allows the inverses of certain mathematical...

  • RNS-Flexible hardware accelerators for high-security asymmetric cryptography

    Asymmetric cryptosystems are implemented in RNS using a quantity of hardware resources corresponding to the size of the cryptographic operands. In this thesis we propose a new approach to perform RNS implementations of asymmetric cryptosystems that leads to a flexible utilization of hardware resourc...

  • Analysis of code-based post-quantum cryptosystems

    Today, most public-key cryptosystems used to ensure the privacy and authenticity of communications rely on the hardness of number theoretic problems. For instance, the security of the RSA algorithm is based on the fact that factoring a product of large prime numbers is computationally hard. However,...

  • Tips for editing documents in Italian (17th century)

    In order to help harmonise the editorial practices of historians and philologists, this article presents the main transcription criteria applicable to the publication (or even simple quotation) of Italian varacular documents, from the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of modern times, with som...

  • Cryptanalysis of symmetric ciphers

    The main subject of this thesis is the security analysis of symmetric key ciphers. Specifically, we study several recently proposed block and stream ciphers and prove that the level of security stated by their designers is overestimated. The ciphers we study were all designed in order to meet the ne...

  • Beyond official history. Home writing and secret keys in the charters of the New World conquests

    Epistolar genus is a source of historical information of extraordinary importance both for the reconstruction of the complex world of mentalities, everyday life and social history in general. Here we look at some of the letters written in Panama between 1524-1525 by the conquests themselves. Similar...

  • Protection of personal data and network environment

    National audience The network environment consists of equipment and users. We will retain the users. Personal data generates a need and a back-up request. A balance between privacy and security must be achieved, without causing too many dysfunctions.

  • Design and Improvements of anonymous cryptographic primitives

    New technologies offer greater convenience for end-users but usually at the cost of a loss in terms of privacy, which is often underestimated by the latter. For example, knowledge by a third party of the information related to a transaction is far from insignificant since it may reveal intimate deta...

  • Buddhic art and cryptography: the ‘Salut of Women’ in Japan of the 12th century

    Claire-Akiko Brisset (coord.), From good use of images: around the visual codes in China and Japan, Far East Far East No 30, Paris, PUV, 2008 This article analyses the semitic functioning of border painting in Chapter 23 of the Sûtra du Lotus, in the ‘Heike nôkyo’ version (12th century, Itsukushima...

  • Lossy trapdoor primitives, zero-knowledge proofs and applications

    In this thesis, we study two different primitives: lossy trapdoor functions and zero-knwoledge proof systems. The lossy trapdoor functions (LTFs) are function families in which injective functions and lossy ones are computationally indistinguishable. Since their introduction, they have been found us...

  • Cryptography from an information theory perspective: security coding strategies for cryptographic security

    Improving communications security and confidentiality of information requires the development of new solutions based on various strategies. A multi-layer security solution for digital communication systems is first explored by considering the joint security effects of channel coding of the physical...

  • ‘Ibblockchain’/ib and financial intermediation

    The blockchain is a technology to perform and record ordered transactions in digital format in a decentralised network without recourse to a trusted third party. Exchanges shall be secured by the use of cryptographic algorithms. In this article we study the impact of this innovation on the activity...

  • Analysis of cryptographic random number generator and postprocessing

    While random numbers are frequently used in cryptography (seed, token, ...), news regurlarly prove how bad randomness generation can compromise the wole security of a protocol. Random number generators for crypthography are components with three steps : a source (an algorithm or physical phenomenon)...

  • Security and digitization Security and digitization: Between fantasies of effectiveness and proven violations of fundamental rights

    International audience The opening of the digital space extends security issues within this new space. On the one hand, new legal provisions regulate actions considered reprehensible within it; on the other hand, monitoring tools are gradually extending to this space. The generalization of digital t...

  • Islamic occultism in theory and practice (colloquium at the University of Oxford)

    Billet of the research book “The world of jinns” (djinns.hypotheses.org), programme of the colloquium Islamic occultism in theory and practice. From 6 to 8 January 2017, a colloquium takes place in Headley Lecture Theatre at Oxford University “Islamic occultism in theory and practice”. It is organis...

  • Analysis of recent cryptographic primitives

    In this thesis, we study the security of some recent cryptographic primitives, both symmetric and asymmetric. Along the way we also consider white-box primitives, which may be regarded as a middle ground between symmetric and asymmetric cryptography. We begin by showing the existence of non-trivial...

  • Additive codes and MDS matrices for the cryptographic applications

    This PhD focuses on the links between error correcting codes and diffusion matrices used in cryptography symmetric. The goal is to study the possible construction of additives MDS codes defined over the group (Fm2, +) of binary m-tuples and minimize cost of hardware or software implementation of the...

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