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  • Geographical landscape: further beyond our field of vision

    Embora o entendimento da Paisagem Geográfica como “tudo aquilo que nossa visão alcança” seja amplamente aceito, esta definição traz alguns problemas de natureza metodológica, tornando a análise geográfica limitada. Visando ilustrar tais limitações, levantamos quatro contra-argumentos a este conceito...

  • Conviction, belief, faith (Sorbonne, 30-31 May)

    On 30 May, 31 May and 1, the following colloquium will take place at the University of Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne and the EPHE: Belief, belief, faith: from late antiquity to the Middle Ages. Organisers: Christophe Grellard, Laurent Lavaud and Philippe Hoffmann. Thursday 30 May 2013 University Paris 1...

  • The invention of the man alone

    François Truffaut and Claude Jade in 1979. (Source: https://fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/François_Truffaut.)) a few “wild children” have been known — there may have been many others. They were abandoned children in the countryside, sometimes before they knew to speak. Lucien Malson published a famous study...

  • 12/12/2018 — published in The Conversation

    The polls show that, after the surprise effect, the revolt of ‘gilets jaunes’ has been positively perceived in French society. This is mainly due to the fact that reports on round-point mobilisations and social media have been able to give an insight into the visibility of inequalities and perceived...

  • The lessons from the Chinese experiment

    The fact that the business leaders concerned had from the outset a strong awareness of their delay in terms of technology, managerial know-how, business networks, brands, distribution networks and experienced international managers may have had a major consequence: their determination and strong com...

  • Le nahualli-tlahuipuchtli dans le monde nahuatl

    The nahualli-tlahuipuchtli in the nahuatl world. One of the least known characters in Lopez Austin’s (1967) article « Forty magician classes in the nahuatl world », is the tlahuipuchtli, a name given actually to some kind of bloodsucking witches. The goal in this work is to define the meaning and fu...

  • The concept of a sentence in international criminal law enlightened by the ICC

    The International Criminal Court, in its Chamber of First Instance II, issued a decision on 23 May 2014 in the case of the Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga, setting his sentence at 12 years’ imprisonment. This decision follows the conviction of Mr Katanga on 7 March 2014 for complicity in war crimes an...

  • The potential of the analyse-network in medieval history

    “Network” is arguably the most common concept used in the work of the medivists of the last two decades. Countless studies refer to power networks, networks of influence or friendship, customer networks, merchant networks, monastic networks, intellectual networks, urban networks, etc., so that one c...

  • Management of total laryngectomy patients over time Management of total laryngectomy patients over time: from the consultation announcing the diagnosis to long term follow-up

    International audience Throat cancer has always struck people's imagination. This type of cancer affects some of the patient's most essential physiological functions: speaking, swallowing and breathing. At advanced stages, radical surgery is disabling. The impact of a mutilated larynx corresponds to...

  • Sources at home

    Sources analysis is probably the most important part of memory. Once its sources have finally been found, it remains to be seen that to do so. I do not know how many times in the year of M1 just passed, I met with my freshly read sources, asking me for a long time: “and now what?”. It is now time to...

  • Preface. Teaching and renting

    It is striking to see how culturally and literary studies have been the place, continuously and for several decades, of interest in jellies ‘among men in xvie and centuries’ — this was the title of a colloquium held in Clermont-Ferrand in 1985 — now with new land. No doubt the pioneering book, a cen...

  • Tourism experiences in historical centres: the world heritage cities of Peru (part 1)

    Each trip, its motivation; at every motivation, your tourism. Nothing can seem more appropriate for resting holidays than a beach and an unlandscaping holiday than a stay in the wild. Only when the desire and time to have a little better acquaintance with another culture, its history and daily life...

  • Implantable therapeutic medical device optimisation for bone and cartilage tissue engineering

    Our team optimized the formulation of implantable medical devices for bone and cartilage tissue engineering. To that end, we based our work on nanostructured implants, either natural or synthetic, made in the laboratory by electrospinning process, to mimic bone extracellular matrix, and hydrogel of...

  • Comparative analysis of relations between China and Latin America, the cases of Chile and Venezuela

    [ES] The growing importance of China is altering the world order and questioning the hegemony of the major Western powers. The Asian country has experienced an incredible evolution over the past thirty-40 years, from a closed and fully planned economy by the state, to a socialist market system, whic...

  • As a demolition or celebration company

    When we talk about burlesch for the 17th century, the centre of the scene is so much occupied by Paul Scarron’s emblematic figure and his Virgile travesty that it is sometimes forgotten by all the other ‘grotesques’, as called Théophile Gautier, including Cyrano de Bergerac, D’Assoucy, Furetière or...

  • "openness of search engine": A critical flaw in search systems; a case study on google, yahoo and bing

    There is no doubt that Search Engines are playing a great role in Internet usage. But all the top search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing are having a critical flaw called "Openness of a Search Engine". An Internet user should be allowed to get the search results only when requested through Search eng...

  • Discussion

    Mme Carmen BERNANDMerci beaucoup pour l’exposé. Devant ces quatre exposés d’une très grande richesse, je ne peux pas lancer une question unique comme cela a été réalisé la veille. C’est sans doute par incompétence de ma part, mais je vais tout de même faire quelques commentaires de ce qui m’a impres...

  • Web as a mirror of day-to-day political work? The Web as a mirror of day-to-day political work? Can the online media coverage of events in an elected agenda

    National audience The Web be understood as a forum for ordinary political work? What does it return from events relating to an elected official’s working time? What traces does the daily political work of a mayor leave on the web, outside electoral campaigns? The aim of this contribution is to prese...

  • What changes in everyday life when we replace bronze with iron?

    iron has replaced bronze, but this development is not limited to a change of material. It is a key element of a profound change in the technical system of society and hence of society as a whole. The development of iron production has made it possible to generalise iron aron tools. This is arguably...

  • Virgilio Etruria: imagination and reality

    The article investigates Virgilio’s reception of the Etruscan world as evidenced by his great poema. The initial pages note that, while the lives of the poet give relatively little weight to his claim Etrusca Origo, the role assigned to Etruschi in Eneide is very important. There is no doubt that th...

  • Eating and humour in class: these teachers educate them

    Dominante: Arts, Letters and Rire Languages in class. This is a project that appears at first sight to be somewhat fanciful and unsuitable for school. However, in this study, it is important to see how eating and humour can mobilise students’ attention and investment. But who are these teachers for...

  • The Russian-Lithuanian wars (XVI-XVIIe) between the sources of the time and today’s historians

    Resumer Lorench describe the wars, historians do not fail to impresse and emouse their auditors by reporting on the suffering inflicted on civilians. In most cases, they simply reproduce their sources, creating anger, indignation and chagrin. These stories are undoubtedly based on real facts. But ar...

  • III. Inconsistency

    ‘Nothing makes sense’: this is the ‘award’ that Nietzsche, cited by Klossowski, describes as essentially ‘melancolic’ (Nietzsche and the vicious circle, p. 82). More than a philosophical axioma affecting the nature and prerogatives of being such an axioma in itself, it is necessary to recognise here...

  • Abenna

    Tribu mentionnée par Julius Honorius (Cosm., A 48, dans G.l.m., p. 54 : Abenna gens ; B 48, ibid. : Auennei ou Auenei), qui vécut sans doute au Ve siècle de notre ère, à la suite des Bacuates (les Baquates de Maurétanie Tingitane) et des Massyles, dans une énumération dirigée des abords du Nil à l’A...

  • Rapports entre l’écologie et la génétique des populations

    International audience There is little doubt that a better understanding of biological pheno mena taking place within natural populations must integrate the genetic and ecological approaches. In this essay, intended primarily for ecolo gists, I first reviewed the most usual models in population ecol...

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