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  • Hubert Aquin or the guilty veil

  • Death and cathedrals in Provence (12th-14th century)

    Relations between death and the medieval church have been explored by European historians since the beginning of the 20th century. They are here analysed within the 22 dioceses of « Provence » during the 12th, 13th and 14th centuries. Using a large and varied documentation, essentially produced by c...

  • Body lost, body found

    Hiver 2011, in northern Vietnam. A conversation between a young man and his brother and sisters is difficult. He died. It is a possession session, and siblings try to question the disappeared about the circumstances of his death and the location of her body. The delicate presence of the deceased bec...

  • L’Étrangère L’Étrangère: A paradox of literary polyglotism

    International audience A journey drifts from religious belief to literary metaphor and ends up sometimes making death the traveler and, as such, the stranger par excellence. Camus’s L’Etranger does not turn its back on these traditional legacies but uses them in a paradoxical way, and the strangenes...

  • Bari, Friday 13 February. 1 h afternoon. He pleaded

    The difficulty in my debate (and if I could see it clear, it seems to me that much would already be illuminated) is this one: do I stick to me of empirical life, its text, their report, and on the occasion, on the only occasion, but at no more than an opportunity for a statement by a ‘I am’, a disin...

  • 14 September

    note on a conference in Svami, p. 194 “Even if one loves the divin in terms of death...” A meditation on death, is this not? It is clear why Valéry reduced Pascal’s betting to 10 minutes: ten years. Depending on the rate of our breathing, etc. 10 minutes are enough to separate us from the vision of...

  • I. History as a provocation

    1. — The first cracks The death of Stalin The close relations between SED and the Soviet Union were decisive for cultural life in the GDR, where Stalin’s worship was also present. Poets and writers did not hesitate to make allegiance to the regime. Thus, ‘A poem for Stalin’ by Erich Weinert: ‘Always...

  • Act Up-Paris : analysis of an activism

    Historically, the emergence of AIDS operated unprecedented connections between theintimate and the political. Investigating the motivations of the activists of the « born of thegay community » anti-AIDS association Act Up-Paris, their ways to make use of death in aneffort to make their fight visible...

  • Death is just one thought: rites and beliefs in Tibet

    International audience

  • Vie et mort de la République Galactique

    Conférence - Star Wars - Le réveil de la force publique. L'univers de George Lucas passé au crible du droit public.https://irenee.univ-lorraine.fr/fr/conference-star-wars-le-reveil-de-la-force-publique-16-mars

  • The Cahiers recommend...

    ROMAN Maylis Besserie, Le Tiers Temps, Paris, Gallimard, 2020, 184 p. Samuel Beckett died in 1989 in a Parisian retirement home called ‘Le Tiers Temps’, which still exists in the fourteenth district near the Montsouris Park. He entered in July, after the death of his wife Suzanne, and died there in...

  • Adieu Marcel

    Le réalisateur, journaliste, et homme de télévision Marcel Trillat est mort, vendredi dernier, le 18 septembre 2020. Il y a tout juste une semaine. Pendant quelques jours, impossible d'écrire une page "Adieu Marcel" sur ce carnet. Trop d'émotion et de tristesse. Et puis je n'ai pas envie d'écrire "A...

  • Chapter III. The Heidegger reception: Jean Beaufret between Sartre and Merleau-Ponty

    Person was not surprised to see the name of Jean Beaufret associated with Heidegger: for thirty-six years — from 1946 to 7 August 1982, when he died — Jean Beaufret devoted all his educational and hermeneutical efforts to the introduction, defence and illustration of Heidegger’s work in France. But...

  • I. A village under the Rumegies crosse

    L’abbaye de Saint-Amand A the extreme north of the Kingdom of France, in the recently annexed Tournaisis, formed the abbey of Saint-Amand in the 1680s. Founded by King Dagobert (death in 639), she kept from her millennial past illustrious memories, a rich field and an astonishing power of renewal. I...

  • Après-midi

    Naître c’est être condamné à mort Je comprends aussi maintenant pourquoi la réflexion de Vivekananda (qui pourrait être banale), qu’il est peu important de pouvoir vivre cent ans ou même plusieurs centaines d’années comme le recherchent certains yogis, m’avait frappé. Vivekananda disait : « un baoba...

  • Mystical-realism in the French-speaking African literature

    What are the arguments that make it possible to say that we can speak of mystical realism as a narrative mode (the itinerary or the initiatory journey and its components: the symbolic quest, the trials or their equivalents and the metamorphosis, the so-called symbolic death, the adjutant or inhibiti...

  • Christian Boudignon: Mistrust who doesn’t read his books! (Bibliotaphos 1)

    , 149, March 2018, article un. A ‘book death mark’ or the letter from Isidore de Péluse to a ‘bibliotaphe’ Illustration of the ‘Sophie Malheurs’ of the Comtesse de Ségur (wikicommons) [We are publishing a small file on the Greek word bibliotaphos on the idea of Ms Lucrèle Luciani: ‘book death mark’....

  • The change in the definition of death in Carlo Alberto Defanti

    “Nothing is no longer certain than death”, as a very famous proverb claims. In fact, behind this seemingly simple and banal sentence, many theoretical and practical questions are hidden. We are biological beings and while the finality of human life is indisputable, the way to design and define ‘eter...

  • When “I” is called forgotten: address poetic in a novel of Laurent Mauvignier

    peer reviewed Depuis Loin d’eux jusqu’à Continuer, l’ensemble des textes de Laurent Mauvignier aborde selon des situations narratives diverses la question de la difficulté de dire et de l’incommunicabilité. Chacune de ses publications invoque en effet l’enjeu et la nécessité de faire advenir une par...

  • The problem of authorship in roman artistic culture : originality and imitation

    The topic of my research has been to deconstruct the authorship as expression of a unique subject within the artistic creation. act, in order to understand the different elements composing an art-work in the elaborated Roman visual culture. I tried to investigate how the modern concept of author has...

  • Virtual threats

    Observations before the Cour de cassation (crim.), 31 March 2016, No 15-82.417 — Qualification of the judgment: Important

  • People without a past?

    the slaves in Christian earth in medieval Mediterranean Europe have always been seen as a collection of people without the past. However, the in-depth analysis of sources retained by the Crown of Aragon makes it possible to end the image of the existential vacuum of Muslim captives who arrived in Va...

  • The dynamics of political extremism : assessing the impact of intergroup conflicts and societal threats upon support for discriminatory policies, political violence and ideological extremization

    AbstractViolent extremism is on the rise again across the globe (STARTS, 2018). In this dissertation, we propose an integrative model of intergroup co-radicalization processes to understand those phenomena and apply to the study of the post-terror attack context in France. Drawing upon social identi...

  • Birth and renaissance of the fairy tale: from Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy to Angela Carter

    This article offers a cross-reading of the metapoetic dimension in ‘gracious and Percinet’ and ‘La Chatte blanc’ by Marie-Catherine d’Aulnoy, a 17th century French author, and in Angela Carter’s ‘The Courtship of Mr Lyon’, a modern ‘feminist’ rewriting of ‘La Belle et la Bête’, which also pays tribu...

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