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  • The past and future challenges of imaginary

    The concept of imaginary has been able to access a critical understanding when it has been possible to isolate discrete elements (called mythemes) in mythology by enabling analysis. Mythums form the basis of myths, matrices of human imagination. However, these myths do not have a status comparable t...

  • Contemporary mythical energy and energy

    The myths decipher in the mirror of an era, but beyond that, they are also the sources of it. Their energy flows over time and offer, like sources, resurgence spaces and stones, pressurised forms. The plasticity of narratives with basic shapes, correlations and colours makes it possible to disentang...

  • Une typologie archétypale des intentions discursives pour la mythanalyse

    Traditionnellement, les analyses de discours se concentrent sur la description des structures et des réseaux socio-sémantiques grâce, entre autres techniques, à l'utilisation d'outils de statistiques textuelles. Dans cet article, nous proposons une démarche alternative qui positionne l'analyse en am...

  • The spirit of the desire

    In a world that makes fables and is populated with fairy, as we tend to become ours, a calm view of human activity as myths producers makes it possible to retain both the energy of the action and the critical distance: what is strictly necessary to work effectively. There is a feeling of myth: that...

  • Between gesture beauty, game rules and combat sport: a view

    Where we will deal with two areas that are seemingly far removed... Where we will discuss some historical points, a common modernity from 1860 onwards. However, easy analogies will have to be misled. Yet we will see how much sport is a formidable provider of shape. Where it will be shown that, beyon...

  • Burning cathedral, mythanalysis of a challenge

    Monuments raised by and for a religion, ideology and paranoia may be driven by this movement, which has been continuously frustrated since the night of times. The remarkable height of the heights and the lifting vertige of the cupoles are endless raised by the lines growing in the arcades. The mysti...

  • Mythanalysis of the Island: Thrinakìa’s imaginary polychaemia

    What qualities and imaginaries feed into the island’s contemporary narratives and narratives in the personal and collective writing of everyday life experience? This is the main issue that draws my attention to this contribution, combining an indispensable exploration of literature on the myth of in...

  • Life stories and mythic intertextualities

    We can design a sociology of ordinary writing to grasp the process of openness and discovery of subjects. Individuals, becoming authors of their biography, experience poetic and mythic consciousness in the movement of academic writing. The task of the mythanalyst engages in an unprecedented explorat...

  • Futurism and political engagement

    Futurism, as a founding movement of historical foresight calling for ‘art-action’, makes the artist a full member of the artist, an activist committed to a new world, a pragmatic activist who is continuously at the centre of a dialectic of exchanges between society and culture, against the artist’s...

  • We, culturative animals and our illusion technologies

    The plastic spread of myths within human civilisations and over time encapsulates their metic power in human consciousness. We are caught in the net of evolutionism and creationism, two stories which presuppose, for the first, an immanent law, the second a transcendental law. This dualism is effecti...

  • Editorial

    It is with great pride that I am pleased to present this special issue of M@GM @, which aims to reflect on the concept of risk in our modern societies. It was at the invitation of Orazio Maria Valastro that I proposed this topic, which seems to me to raise the key questions of ongoing social change....

  • Risks, lights and darkness: the insights of methodological humanism

    As all, for men, the risk is understood in several Sens, as they also say and tell. These are the landmarks of Humanism Methodological and its fundamental anthropology. There is a risk where the possibility of damage is envisaged. However, that hypothesis is speculation, since if the damage occurs a...

  • Through Sicily: the Morgana Fée, travelling in the Mediterranean

    As the magic wires brushing, cutting and wearing the weft and hurrication of the destinies invisibly, this test is on the gangs and arrivals, the physical and imaginary journeys. On the real and mystic places, and on the irreal ones. On mythology, fairy, magicians and their geographical areas. Road...

  • Studying abroad: risk mapping

    Taking risks is a challenge to human intelligence and resilience. The risks come from our own actions or are imposed on us. However, in the context of the globalisation of risks, international studies create jobs. By using individual and collective dialogue, we first identified and assessed risks re...

  • Everyone’s myth: Philoctet or the myth of the couillon

    There is no lack of knowledge, there is no ignorance, there is a knowledge who is facing another, i.e. there is a whole system of representations that prevents questions from being asked. It is only when we engage, in confrontation with reality, against our own knowledge or psychological structure,...

  • At the Grand Desk

    After ceasing his successful activity in 2005, Julien Blaine decided in 2020 to also end his activity as a visual artist and to dispose of all the production he accumulated during his life by organising at the Frich de Marseille what he ironically called Le Grand dépotoir. He gathered and hung all h...

  • Presence of Hercule: cultural study of contemporary figures of the force

    The mythanalysis, in its attempt to ‘identify the great myths of historical moments and types of groups and social relations’, emphasised the proportion of imagination that structures, at each time, the systems of representation and thought. But the identification of these myths requires such a mix...

  • Journalist and art critic

    In her text, the author describes how art entered his life as a journalist and how he extended the scope of his commitments. She made an assessment of her profession in the world of art and took a stand for independent information, the priority of which was the transmission of artists’ speech.

  • For a self-analysis at the risk of HRH

    myths can be seen as stories that humanity tells itself to face difficult times. It is Frazer in the Rameau d’Or which formulates it in this way. I love the ethnologists a bit disassembled like him. The best omelettes are made in the old stoves. And then there have always been difficult times. And e...

  • Art is always political: politics is not art

    The state Providence with short money, which is unwilling to face the overly critical steps of artistic practices, is increasingly finding an alternative to private funding soon established as a neoliberal cultural policy, which seems to have made the United States merchandise and is willing to rela...

  • The end of the zero risk: from homegrown jihadism to lone wolf terrorism

    Zero risk represents a particular historical moment in the conceptualisation of socio-political risk. Its application at the beginning of the 1980s was based on the assumption that progress could be made in the field of anticipating and managing potential crises so as to be able to protect the popul...

  • Mythanalysis and diachronia: the example of the myth of sirene

    Based on the mythic figure of the sirene, we will question the historical premise of mythanalysis as a method of sociological analysis. The polytheism of this figure, which can be easily reconciled with other singular mythological characters, means that the teratological imagination never really dis...

  • The mystery of love: desire and destruction

    The love relationship is a normal meeting of the lives of lovers! A place where the feeling and the person meet. It is a place for stories, uncertainties, concerns and pleasure. These events reach Brazilian immigrant women in Lebanon, following a love relationship with Lebanese Muslims. The Livret i...

  • Insularity: ethic of synaesthetic cognition

    You are insular by nature and birth and immediately your geographical and synaesthetic boundaries are confined to the periphery of the island and to the horizons perceived from the coast or from the highest point of the island. Yet a ‘continental’ person will join the island, however, will never tak...

  • The cybernetic myth: the origins of the risk society

    The cybernetic myth appears to be strongly correlated with the risk society described by U. Beck almost 40 years later. As a prefiguration of what he will distinguish from his present, the cybernetic myth of a streamlined, automated, mathematical society, forged in the 1950s, is of surprising releva...

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