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  • Leroy, Sarah
  • ΒΡΑΝΟΥΣΗ, Έρα Λ.
  • Erlos, Frédéric
  • Lecolle, Michelle
  • Paveau, Marie-Anne
  • Achard-Bayle, Guy
  • Billy, Pierre-Henri
  • Cislaru, Georgeta
  • Delpech, Claire
  • Navarre, Françoise
  • Sarah Leroy
  • Siblot, Paul
  • Abdelnour BENAZZOUZ
  • Agata Savary
  • aguiton, sara
  • al-Ahnaf, Mustafa
  • ALEA, Réseau
  • Alexandre-Collier, Agnès
  • Anokhina, Olga
  • Arbib, Dan


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  • Babelio launches Babelthèque

    The online virtual library site Babelio will soon launch a new library service. Babelthèque is his name and intends to enrich their catalogues by asking for the work done by Babelio’s users to that end. In theory, there is nothing to prevent libraries from developing their own device. Only bringing...

  • Huysmans and the centers

    The conversion movement which led or brought back to the church many French writers of the end of the 19th century did not fail to delicate with the Catholic press and the ecclesiastical authorities those of them who had formed literally outside of the.Thus Huysmans, after unconsciously proclaimed i...

  • A collector of the name ‘bistouri’

    The Baudelaire’s analysis of his own idolish temptation is reflected in the invention of the figure of ‘Mademoiselle bistouri’, a collector whose folie reveals to the poet the essence of the photographic images and modern surgery, both inhabited in the theoretical project in which Western man risks...

  • Entrances to the city: genesis and development of an urban rite (Montpellier, span style = ‘font-variant: small-caps; ‘bxiv’ supbe’/supb- ‘span style =’ font-variant: small-caps; ‘bxv’supbe’/supb centuries)

    The Montenegrin urban chronic known as ‘Petit Thalamus’ retains the memory of some 30 general entrances in the broad sense, from the beginning of the 18th century to the early years of the 19th century. It gives an eye to a consular institution on a ceremony of which it is a stakeholder and makes it...

  • Editorial

    Plusieurs événements et évolutions intervenus en 2018 justifient cet éditorial en ouverture au numéro 75 de la revue <i>Gallia</i>.</br>En premier lieu, c’est l’occasion de rendre hommage au professeur Christian Goudineau, décédé le 9 mai 2018 dans sa soixante-dix-neuvième année. D’autres se sont ch...

  • Coherence and cohesion of a space, presentation of the ancient city of Cairo

    In Cairo, the term ‘wast al-balad’ (city centre) refers to a specific area — the modern 19th century city, founded by the Isma’îl khemdive — and the so-called old city continues to be referred to by terms as diverse as eastern, Islamic and medieval cities. tired, historical, Vieux-Cairo — although t...

  • Theodor Reik (1888-1969) : sur l'effroi

    `titrebTheodor Reik (1888-1969): about the dread`/titrebTheodor Reik is a psychoanalyst from Vienna. He was Sigmund Freud’s faithful disciple and his name is associated with two papers The Couvade and Listening with The Ear respectively published in 1914 and 1948, and with the legal proceedings agai...

  • Clean and insult names

    Clean and insult Noms oppose but remain linked: first, names or insults are in principle given to the second person, by a third party, who thus exercises some kind of social power; on the other hand, insult tends to replace its own name by attacking the identity of the person concerned. Taking as a...

  • Three Essays in Development Economics

    My thesis explores three questions in the field of development economics. The first article, “Women At Work: Evidence From A Randomized Experiment In Djibouti” studies the determinants of the labor supply of women. Abstract: What keeps women in some developing countries from participating in the lab...

  • On the role of mobility

    The “pygmy” Aka hunter-gatherers have developed a lifestyle based on displacements, which structure their technical, economic and social organisation. Their mobility depends on their relationships with the other communities of the same forest. In this article, we shall briefly describe the Aka’s org...

  • An intertextual distance measurement: the lexical connection

    It is an overall consideration of the lexical content which Pierre Guiraud proposed in Problems and Methods of Language Statistics as early as 1959 (p. 129): “A table of lexical correlations between the different works could be drawn up by taking two to two to see the words they have in common and t...

  • Return to land: at the end of the gesture of Erechthia

    In the Earth of Athens, there is no founder, but indigenous people, who multiply the founder’s inaugural figure but do not embody it completely. It is Erechthia that, with his unprecedented death, will close the long chain of foundation operations. Hidden in civic land under the assault of Poseidon’...

  • Exemplary use, a first step towards metaphorisation?

    in this article we look at the “internal” classification of “modified” own names into different jobs, and in particular the possible relationship of exemplary employment (One Michel Drucker no longer needs to legitimise his presence) with metaphoric or anonomase (there will always be a Michel Drucke...

  • The retrieval of a person’s own name: basic elements on semantic memory information and elements applied for the management of Elzheimer’s disease.

    being able to identify the person in front of himself and be able to find his or her name are essential activities for everyday social interaction. However, its own name appears to be specific information compared with other information available on a person. The retrieval of this information is oft...

  • “Director of Prison” of Christel Rotach

    A terrible human and political book, a pocket on the prison condition and the 2019 prison. In prison, there are some testimonies from supervisors, who are often retired or anonymous. But a story in his own name and working as a prison manager, or rather as a director, has never read. This book is a...

  • Dance little children

    Refuser de donner le nom de ses partenaires équivaut à les condamner à mort Le délégué régional agit pour le bien de la communauté et son unique objectif est de stopper la transmission de la maladie 16 38 br La partenaire anonyme br Le film s attarde sur une situation particulière la relation d un s...

  • ‪Moh ! Kouyaté‪

    Citoyen du monde par son statut de musicien et Parisien de cœur, Moh ! Kouyaté partage sa vision d’une nouvelle Afrique de son point de vue de Guinéen. L’art du continent dont se nourrit son œuvre est connecté à toute la planète. Il en a l’expérience par ses tournées américaines, européennes. Alors...

  • Testimonies from residents in the home

    At the heart of our question about citizenship and mental health goes beyond the experience and experiences of the former: persons with mental disabilities. From this trivial finding, the idea emerged of proposing that they themselves testify to this experience and the perception of their own citize...

  • A hybrid organisation in the European arena: Open Society Foundations and the construction of the anti-discrimination field

    This article shows how a philanthropic organisation, Open Society Foundations (OSF), is involved in the construction of anti-discrimination as an organisational field within the European institutional sphere. FSO operates according to a strategy already studied in the case of other foundations: the...

  • “Solutions in Hieroglyphic”: Ralph Waldo Emerson, “Picturesque Language,” and the Ancient Near East

    former unitarian pastor, Ralph Waldo Emerson treats proche-Oriental Antiquity as a corpus of texts (the biblique canon); in his view, it was part of a hermeneutical survey, inextricably linked to a thorough reflection on the nature and challenges of writing and reading. Inherited from Christian theo...

  • “Does the own name denote a occurrence?”

    International audience

  • Removal and handling

    The sectarian phenomenon is usually described as the influence of a neck on an adept. However, experience on the ground shows that this approach is insufficient. The phenomena of capture cannot be studied without taking into account the overall context in which the victim operates and the relationsh...

  • Sign language, a living language like others? A short story of a major linguistic issue

    The gestural expression particularly specific to the Sourds (but not only...), now known and recognised as the Langue des Signs Française (LSF), is an old linguistic reality, contrary to what one might think of as much as the question of its recognition is topical... This article tries to give a bri...

  • Marguerite Duras and Grégory: foleys through hills...

    ‘titrebSummary’/titrebIn referring to a judicial case of the 1980s, ‘the Villemin case’, more commonly known as the ‘Gregory case’, Marguerite Duras makes us understand the distance between judicial literature and the story of a chronker. More freedom is left to the romancier, through the choice of...

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