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  • The Unharnessed World Janet Frame and Buddhist Thought

  • The Correlation Of Islamic Civilization In Sciences With Western World ( Eastern Impact Through Sciences On Western World )

    The nature of scientific verification of knowledge distinguishes it from mystical knowledge in empirical sciences. Islam is a religion and a civilization, historically connecting various stages of human history for more than fourteen centuries. The Islamic ethics and law “Sharia’h” are coherent lega...

  • The Self as an Object of Criticism: Richard Rorty’s Denial of the Objectivity of Truth

    Denial of the objectivity of truth in the Self’s creation is one of the most critiqued aspects for which Richard Rorty received both consensus and contradiction. Rorty’s post-philosophical response to the human language debate lies in the intersection between the younger Heidegger who rejected an am...

  • The Media In-between Corporate and Messianic Cultural Politics

    Jurgen Habermas reminds us that the communication mind exists in its two forms... As an emancipatory communication mind, then it realizes the repair of the world and consciousness.But he can also exist as a form of his depravity, as, it fixes the world and consciousness. But he can also exist as a f...

  • Solipsisme dan Fenomenalisme : Dua Kutub Ekstrim Kantian yang Mengoyak Spiritualitas

    Abstract : Solipsism, which is set up by a very influential modern philosopher Immanuel Kant, constitutes one main characteristic of modern philosophy and thought. In the realm on metaphysics, it has brought down the meaning of reality. In epistemological perspective, it has caused modern man to live...

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  • An Offer of Standpoint to Social Work, Ethics and Law

    As I prepared to design and write a third Year University course for social workers, an open campus course for sociologists entitled Social Work Law and Ethics for the University of the West Indies, and materials for other social scientists on the issue of law and ethics in social work, I realised t...

  • Plea Bargaining and the Administration of Criminal Justice in Nigeria: A Moral Critique

    The idea of “justice” normatively reflects “justitia” in the Roman worldview: “fiat justitia, ruat caelum” (may there be justice though the heavens fall). That is, justice must prevail no matter whose ox is gored. In its corrective schema, justice is connected to the ideas of just desert. Justice in...

  • Religion: A Tool of Dictators to Cleanse Ethnic Minority in Myanmar?

    Religion plays a vitally important role among the people of Myanmar. In this paper, I will use the name “Myanmar” as a country name and “Burma” for the ethnic Barma people. Buddhism was first introduced around 241 BC but it was only in the time of King Anawrahta who unified the Burmese kingdom in 10...

  • Authority in the service of morality: Miskawayh's analysis of social thought

    Miskawayh was a philosopher of ethics, historian and statesman. He also had a great knowledge of Muslim sacred texts, the Quran and the Prophet's teachings. He was not simply randomly drawn to all these, though. Since in his early youth he served as an advisor to several Muslim viziers and rulers, h...

  • Ethics and Philosophy of history in Fichte

    The present article tries to show the implication between ethics and philosophy of history in the work of Fichte. For this purpose, it is considered necessary to integrate its philosophy of history into the whole of its philosophy, understood as a unit and as a system of freedom. From there we propo...

  • Personalism in the Lublin School of Philosophy (Card. Karol Wojtyła, Fr. Mieczysław A. Krąpiec)

    The article presents the conception of personalism and the understanding of human person developed by two Polish philosophers: Karol Wojtyła and Mieczysław A. Krąpiec, the framers and the main representatives of the Lublin School of Philosophy. The author comes to the following conclusions: (1) Wojt...

  • The Taking of Life: Killing Someone in the Name of Preserving Another

    The purpose of this paper is to examine the taking of human life in the name of preserving another. It is going to be discussed considering religious and ethical concerns. The taking of life is prohibited by various religions because they assert that only God has the authority to give and take away...

  • Postmodern Shakespeare: Thinking Through Hamlet’s Subversive Character

    Over the centuries people have always faced the deaths of their beloved ones in their families and suffer from grief over them. William Shakespeare in Hamlet offers his ideas of how a son faces his father’s death and his mother’s remarriage, ideas of whether purgatory exists and ideas of which escha...

  • The three stages of moral thought : Bergson and the debate on science of morals

    Released in 1932, The Two Sources of Morality and Religion (The two sources) is Henri Bergson's last major work. There are many works devoted to the confrontation of his moral and social philosophy with Émile Durkheim's sociology. But these works don't explore his "mobilism" in The two sources. Real...

  • Socialcultural background of formation of classical metaphysics

    The classical model of philosophy has shaped ideas about its nature and aims that were laid in ancient metaphysics, but have been substantially amended by civilizational change. Socialcultural background of philosophy became trends that began to emerge in late medieval culture has particularly flour...

  • Hiratsuka Raichō`s (1886–1971) manifesto “In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun”

    The article represents a translation of Hiratsuka Raichō`s (1886–1971) manifesto “In the Beginning, Woman Was the Sun”. Hiratsuka Raichō was a pioneering Japanese feminist, who ventured to go against traditions and social norms. She was brought up in a wealthy family, that supported Raichō`s will to...

  • Sakis Drosopoulos: Obituary

    No abstract (available).

  • Auguste Comte

    Auguste Comte is widely acknowledged as the founder of the science of sociology and the 'Religion of Humanity'. In this fascinating study, the first major reassessment of Comte’s sociology for many years, Mike Gane draws on recent scholarship and presents a new reading of this remarkable figure. Com...

  • Ethics and bioethics

    No abstract This introductory article intends to throw some light on bioethics, the interdisciplinary branch of applied ethics that nowadays comes very often to the fore, and show its intimacy with ethics and morals and its close affinity with human rights. The term ‘bioethics’ was coined thirty yea...

  • Derrida after the End of Writing

    This book explores some of the implications of interpreting Derrida through the new materialist lens of technicity or plasticity, attending to the significance of ethics, religion and politics in his later work. Here the intersection of religion and politics becomes the site for Derrida to develop a...

  • Axiological nihilism according to Adorno Y Horkheimer

    La carencia de referencias objetivas lleva a una razón subjetiva, en la que todo es medio y hay pérdida de fines, porque no se pueden legitimar racionalmente ni fundamentar. Es el eclipse de la razón. De ahí, el nihilismo axiológico y el relativismo cognitivo. El pesimismo tardío de Horkheimer le ll...

  • Duty and inclination in Kant and Schiller

    Este estudo ocupa-se com o debate entre Kant e Schiller a respeito do papel das inclinações e do dever na moralidade. Baseando-se em um epigrama de Schiller muitos críticos da ética de Kant afirmaram que o Kant não oferece nenhum lugar aos sentimentos na ética. Entretanto, esse cenário tem mudado no...

  • Comments on God and ethics in Wittgenstein

    Este trabalho tem como objetivo fazer algumas observações a respeito da ligação entre o divino e o moral em Wittgenstein, apresentando e discutindo possíveis implicações desta ligação. Para que se possa entender a profundidade da relação entre ética e religião no filósofo em questão, partiremos de u...

  • The presence of icons in Andrei Tarkovski’s cinema

    Esta comunicação foi apresentada oralmente, com o apoio do Conselho Nacional de Desenvolvimento Cientifico e Tecnológico (CNPq), no dia 03 de junho de 2018, durante a Terceira Sessão (Section 3A) coordenada pelo Prof.Dr.Eric Lohr, no evento internacional Krakow Meetings: IX Krakow Conferences on Rus...

  • Understanding ethos before moral and religious norms

    O enfoque principal deste artigo é a relação da ética com a vivência e a prática religiosas. A presença de uma ética não se restringe ao vasto campo da tradição semítica ou religiões proféticas, mas se entende também às raízes da religiosidade mística e sapiencial. O texto tem como um dos principais...

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