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  • Regulation of serotonin system in the pancreatic beta cell by glucocorticoids : involvement in the pathophysiology of diabetes

    Type 2 diabetes is now a real global public health problem. It results from a defect of mass and / or function of pancreatic beta cells. The identification and understanding of the mechanisms underlying these defects would help develop strategies to restore the functional beta cell mass. Glucocortic...

  • Everyday sociability, social networks and ICTs

    The impressive growth of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in the last decade constitutes a challenge both for social studies on sociability and on ICT usage. It demands to put methodologies and sociological analysis that have mainly been developed for the study of face-to-face intera...

  • Development of multimodal imaging approaches for research in oncology

    In vivo preclinical imaging in oncology is a tool of choice to study the mechanisms thatgovern this pathology as well as for the evaluation of innovative diagnostic and therapeuticsolutions. Each imaging modality has its own strengths and limitations and that’s why thereis a real benefit to combine...

  • The modes of pursuit in the criminal court

    The French criminal justice currently goes through a diversification of cases treatment processes. This diversification is the result of many factors, both endogenous and exogenous. It is the focal point of the evolution in theoretical approaches regarding criminal phenomena, social expectations of...

  • Semantic-oriented Recommandation for Content Enrichment

    In this thesis, we aim at enriching the content of an unstructured document with respect to a domain of interest. The goal is to minimize the vocabulary and informational gap between the document and the domain. Such an enrichment which is based on Natural Language Processing and Information Retriev...

  • Software Asset Management and Cloud Computing

    Bout Cloud, only few works deals with dynamic and real usage analyse of deployed software in order to determine the true related costs, and licensing compliance with acquired rights from the software editors.However, the emergence of Software Asset Management (SAM) shows the growing concerns of the...

  • The work of the experts: analysis of a food risk assessment system

    Following various crises, the French Food Safety Agency was set up in 1999 to incorporate scientific advice into the assessment of health risks. The principle of expert opinion implies that professional and economic interests must be disregarded in the evaluation work. Observing the specific activit...

  • Supervision of distributed systems using constrained unfoldings of timed models

    This work is devoted to the issue of monitoring of distributed real-time systems. In particular, it focuses on formal aspects of model-based supervision and problems which are related to it. In its first part, we present the basic properties of two well-known formal models used to model distributed...

  • A synchronous approach to quasi-periodic systems

    In this thesis we study embedded controllers implemented as sets of unsynchronized periodic processes. Each process activates quasi-periodically, that is, periodically with bounded jitter, and communicates with bounded transmission delays. Such reactive systems,termed 'quasi-periodic', exist as soon...

  • Systems of fear : a transmedia approach of horror in literature and video games

    The aim of this thesis is to study the stakes and strategies behind the apparition of fear in novels and video games. Through a comparative approach, I intend to theorize the bridging of these mediums and the paradigms structuring scary fictions. At the core of this work lie the ability of video gam...

  • Tools to help identify vulnerabilities in the implantation of smart card applications

    The work presented in this thesis aims to facilitate security assessments of software embedded in smart cards. First of all, we have developed a software environment dedicated to analysing the resistance of cryptographic algorithms implementation to current power analytics attacks. This environment...

  • Pour une posture constitutiviste en géographie (Volume 1)

    Ce travail d’Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches traite des relations qu’entretiennent les habitants avec le monde. Un monde non pas fait de certitudes, de faits, de vérités, d’objectivités, de micro ou macrostructures qui peu ou prou détermineraient leurs manières de faire, de penser, de se socia...

  • Characterization of Vitis vinifera PR10 genes and analysis of their expression during somatic embryogenesis

    The objective of my work was to analyse the somatic embryogenesis process of Vitis vinifera at a molecular scale. Thus, the expression of genes implied in development or defence, especially PR10 genes, was monitored during the key-steps of entrance and exit of secondary somatic embryogenesis. The co...

  • Colloquium — gestures, theatre and anti-theatre: Performance beyond the performance?

    the ACTE Institute (Paris 1), the ELLIADD laboratory (University of Bourgogne-Franche-Comté) and the Practice and Theories of Contemporary Art team (Rennes 2) organise the first colloquium of the Performances/Scens of the Reel project, which aims to develop and increase reflections and the establish...

  • Systems of fear : a transmedia approach of horror in literature and video games

    The aim of this thesis is to study the stakes and strategies behind the apparition of fear in novels and video games. Through a comparative approach, I intend to theorize the bridging of these mediums and the paradigms structuring scary fictions. At the core of this work lie the ability of video gam...

  • Le transnationalisme des migrants marocains hautemement qualifiés. Une preuve par le Web.

    International audience Dans un contexte marqué par l’accélération du processus de la mondialisation et par la révolution numérique, le transnationalisme migrant prend d’autres configurations. Avec la pénétration des TIC dans toutes les sphères de la vie quotidienne, Mihaela NEDELCU souligne qu’entre...

  • Pierre Macherey: The formation of elites in a democratic society: Bourdieu and major schools.

    social science as designed by Bourdieu and practice focuses on the study of ‘fields’, meaning social spaces structured in a way that ‘agents’ have to occupy in finding care for them, which amounts to taking part in the distribution of the real or symbolic ‘capital’ available to each field. The condi...

  • The sea or utopian ruler

    Do I recall that the sea has also been perceived as a place where utopia prevails throughout its splender? In addition to Thomas More’s book published in 1516, this word, with Greek etymology outopos, refers to the delicacies and curiosities of the imaginary country and the country nowhere. How can...

  • Show

    Donc, first, get to see, and even impose a vision of what we prefer not to see, put to bare, humiliate the icons, undo and sow statues. Ponge, in 1930, written in ‘The Law and Propphetes’: The statues will pick up in the city one day with a tissue stick between the thighs. Women will then take their...

  • EL Libro del conosçimiento: the cartographic imagination in a journey through the images

    El Libro del conosçimiento, written around 1385, was described as Spanish Mandeville, not without reason. However, this collection of merveilles has long been read as a real travel narrative and is thus cited as a source of information in the chronological history of the shipment of Jean de Béthenco...

  • Interactive deformation of virtual paper

    Although paper is a very common material in our every-day life, it can hardly be found in 3d virtual environments. Indeed, due to its fibrous structure, paper material exhibits complex deformations and sound behaviour which are hard to reproduce efficiently using standard methods. Most notably, the...

  • The Opening of the Image in the Works of Claude Simon, Peter Handke and Richard Powers

    The aim of this thesis is to analyse the ‘opening’ power of the image in narrative texts written after the 1980s : Claude Simon’s Le Jardin des Plantes, Peter Handke’s Mein Jahr in der Niemandsbucht and Der Bildverlust, and Richard Powers’ Three Farmers on Their Way to a Dance. The category of the v...

  • Euidentia in Latin epics from republican to flavian age : From a representative mimèsis to a creative phantasia

    The aim of the author is to study the Poetics of enargeia (the quality of "evidence") in latin epics from republican to flavian age : Livius Andronicus's Odyssey, Naevius's Punic war, Ennius's Annals, Virgil's Aeneid, Lucan's Pharsalia, Silius Italicus's Punic War. After defining the antique senses...

  • Organizational Memories Contribution in a Learning Context

    The acts to teach, to learn and to work are never socially isolated. According to (Benoit, 2000), they are the cultural resultant, articulated and developed through a defined practice gathering in a place, virtual reality or, an unspecified number actors questioning themselves and wondering about th...

  • Corporate volunteering schemes: to what extent do they allow staff engagement?

    corporate volunteering programmes appear to respond to a new demand from staff, with programmes à la carte. They would like to see a more ‘free’ involvement, which is reflected in a desire to help several causes, with time devoted to each. The model in which we are involved in a single cause, a sing...

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