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Narrative media/cultural interaction as means of preventing adolescent violence and political/religious extremism

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The ERG-project draws on the results from a MC-EIF-project Media/Trauma-Therapy, pursuing the question of how the psycho-affective and narrative processes of an individual’s mental interaction with media and literary narratives interrelates with her/is life history, and how the person unwittingly implements media interaction in her/is attempts to process her/is personal experience and tackle biographically determined challenges of individual growth, thus gaining soft skills and capacities of resilience and self-management, and developing sustainable forms of interactional and emotional intelligence. Taking the research methods and results from the MC-EIF into account, the ERG-project aims at developing pedagogical interventions and moduls for cultural social work with various risk populations among European adolescents, in particular with those who are prone to violent behaviour and extremist political and religious ideologies. The interventions aim at activating personal memories about self-experienced events which individuals narratively recall in the context of consuming particular items from media and youth cultures; this will be situated in different group settings of social work with endangered adolescents as is conducted by employer NPO which works in regions mostly of East-Germany serving students of different types of public schools as well as imprisoned adolescents and consulting the professionals who work there. The scientific framework is established by resources of qualitative social studies and media-interaction research, therapy- and psycho-trauma studies, narratology as well as culture studies and pedagogy. The target is to develop and evaluate narrational methods which are appropriate and effective with this kind of population and document the results of the project, and: to establish “narrative media literacy” and “narrative interpersonal skills” as criteria and pedagogical tools of social work with risk populations among European adolescents.

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